Welcome to the Step By Step Painting Library Of Printables! 

All of these traceables are hand drawn by me. You are free to use these for my painting tutorials and for your own personal use. 

To transfer these to canvas, simply print the image and use graphite paper to trace the image. As an alternative to graphite paper, you can rub graphite (a regular pencil) on the back of the paper and then trace.

Note: These are free but not royalty free! Commercial use is not permitted. Non-profit and educational use is okay with proper attribution. 

If you need help enlarging or scaling down the image see my post below: 


Truck from Vintage Teal Pumpkin Truck Tutorial

Directions: print out on standard 8.5″ x 11″ computer paper for 11″ x 14″ canvas.

Barn and Windmill From How To Paint A Fall Barn Tutorial

Directions: print out on standard size computer paper for 11″ x 14″ canvas. Trace the barn and windmill separately.

Vintage Camper from How To Paint A Vintage Camper Tutorial

Jar from Mason Jar Lightning BugsTutorial


Pineapple from Pineapple Tutorial

Cross Canvas Painting

Cross PDF

Dinosaur Silhouette from This Tutorial


Toucan Traceable from How To Paint A Toucan Tutorial

Flamingo Traceable from How To Paint A Flamingo Tutorial

Cat Traceable From Cat & Moon Tutorial


PDF Files:

Paint Party Planner

Paint Party Planner PDF



From Hummingbird Tutorial

PDF Files:

Hummingbird PDF Download


From Guitar Tutorial

Top Half Of Guitar
Bottom Half Of Guitar
Full Guitar (For Smaller Canvases)

PDF Files:



From Coffee Cup Tutorial

PDF Files:

From Mermaid Tutorial 

PDF Files:

Download PDF

From Spring Wreath on Black Canvas Tutorial.

Download PDF

From Easter Egg Landscape Tutorial

From the Easter Bunny Silhouette Tutorial


Download PDF

From the Sea Turtle Tutorial 



Lighthouse Sunset Tutorial 



Download PDF

Owl On A Christmas Tree Tutorial



Bear Silhouette Moon Tutorial



Silhouette Moon Tutorial (Replace the bear, add a wolf)


Unicorn PDF

From the Unicorn Tutorial

Copyright disclaimer: All these printables are under copyright. They are for personal use only. They may not be used for profitable purposes. If you are using these for non-profit use or public school (art teacher) use or in any setting where there are “no funds being generated”, then you have permission of use but still do not own exclusive rights to the images. Please always provide appropriate credit given back to this website.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! I am getting ready to host my 2nd wine and paint party and we will be doing one of your pieces again. ?

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