Painting Supply Picks

Acrylic Painting Supply Picks

Here is a list of supplies that I use and recommend! Keep in mind that my blog is specifically targeted for the absolute beginner, painting with kids and DIY paint nights at home. If you are interested in diving deeper into acrylic painting, I do list some recommendations for artist quality acrylic paints.

This page contains affiliate links! I receive a small commission if you end up purchasing such items. Of course I only recommend stuff that I personally purchase or brands that I have had positive results with!


The best deal that I have found for canvases is this 8×10  bundle pack or this 16 x 20  bundle pack from Michaels! I personally purchase them because (for obvious reasons) I do a lot of painting!

Amazon sells bundle canvas packs too!

I also use and love canvas paper/ canvas pads, especially when I’m just painting for practice. .

What size should I get? That depends on personal preference and what you’re painting! Most of my tutorials are on a 16″ x 20″ or 11″ x 14″. I’ve recently decided that I prefer 11″ x 14″ size.

Do I need to prime a canvas? All canvases that you purchase at an arts & crafts store or on Amazon “should be” primed and ready to go! That means they don’t need any gesso or primer on them. If they are bright white color, then they are gessoed! 


Once you find a brush you like, stick with it! I think there is this sort of muscle memory or comfort zone that comes with using brushes that you like. I personally am a fan of the Royal & Langnickel Brushes. They have different packs on Amazon. Try to find a nice variety pack with at least these sizes:

  • 3/4″ Flat
  • 1/4″ Flat or Bright
  • #6 Round (large round)
  • #3 Round (medium round)
  • #1 Round (small round)
  • #0 or smaller round (for fine details)
  • Fan Brush (used very sparingly on this blog)
  • Angle Brush (used very sparingly on this blog)

Amazon Picks Royal & Langnickel: 

I’m going to suggest this Adi’s Art Pro pack too! I discovered this nice little set when I needed to fill my Amazon cart with one more item to get free shipping. They’ve actually been a decent set if brushes in a nice variety pack.

Acrylic Paints

This section can literally turn into a whole blog post! There’s so many opinions on different kinds of acrylic paints! I am going to recommend these products based on the fact that these tutorials are very basic and for beginners and kids. If you are looking for more professional quality paints, you can scroll down some more. Also, I don’t promote only one brand on this blog. There are a few different ones that I use and rotate throughout the tutorials. Just like with brushes, find a brand you like and stick with it! 

My Paint Picks:

Liquitex BASICS Student Paint: 

I am a fan of Liquitex BASICS. I’ve used those paints for years and it’s always been my go to acrylic paint brand.

A great intro kit is this 48 piece set. It comes with all the BASICS colors so you don’t have to worry about mixing.

However, the tubes are fairly small so the common colors won’t last past 2-3 paintings. I do recommend that you buy a full 4 or 8 oz tube of titanium white and mars black because those two colors go the fastest.

48 Piece Set

Liquitex 24 Piece
Titanium White


DecoArt Americana Premium

A fairly new option that I would definitely recommend is the DecoArt Americana Premium Paints. I’d say they are definitely on par with the Liquitex BASICS.

Actually, I noticed the flow is slightly higher with the Americana Premium with is a huge plus!

This brand can be bought at Michaels, JoAnn and Amazon. The best price is at Michaels and Joann where they run about $2.99 a tube. 


Artist’s Loft Michael’s Brand Paint

Speaking of Michael’s, they have a line of student quality paint called “Artist’s Loft”. They are very similar to the BASICS but cheaper. They are also slightly cheaper than DecoArt Americana. I often pick up tubes of these paints when I run out of specific colors.

Can I Use Craft Paint?

I like craft paints and they do fine on canvas! If you’re on a budget or just want to test out this painting thing, the Apple Barrel Craft brand is not too bad. In fact some of my most popular tutorials, the Unicorn for example, were done with Apple Barrel!

I believe that cost of material should not inhibit artistic desire. I personally am a very frugal person and when I started this blog, all I could afford was Apple Barrel! It didn’t stop me from persevering and creating what I loved!

Apple Barrel 18 piece set. This is a best seller on Amazon!


What Professional Artist Quality Paints would you recommend?

Golden, Liquitex Professional and Winsor & Newton Galleria are three brands that come to mind when recommending professional artist quality paints. If you really are diving deep into acrylic painting and want to start selling your work professionally, I’d encourage you to try the professional brands.

Golden Acrylics

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body 6 Pack
Winsor & Newton


Hobby Lobby! The cheapest yet decent Easel on the market can by found at Hobby Lobby! I own 15 of the ones pictured below and I use them for my private painting parties. I also use them for my own painting.

Hobby Lobby Easel (I use these for my paint parties)



If you’ve seen my videos, you may have noticed that I use paper plates or old coffee lids! I think if you were to invest in a palette, look into getting one of those stay wet palettes! It’s important to keep your acrylic paints from drying too fast. There are also tutorials out there for creating your own stay wet palettes. Me, I’m still fine with paper plates!

Water Container

I use glass Mason Jars! Make sure you’re using a large container so your water doesn’t get muddy fast and affect the color of the paint you’re applying on the canvas! There’s something about the glass that makes it easier to rinse your brush off between colors!

Varnish Sealer

You don’t have to varnish your painting but it adds a nice finishing seal to your work! I use varnish when I am going to sell something or if I really like the painting and want it to have a nice sheen. I like to use Liquitex varnish in either the Satin or the Gloss. Applying it to your finished acrylic paintings will make the colors look richer and deeper.

Liquitex Gloss Varnish


If you are a practicing artist (actually all of you art artists so this goes for everyone), a sketchbook is a must! I have three laying around my house and grab it at a moment’s notice when an idea pops in my head. Every great painting starts with a great sketch! I also use my sketchbook to practice new brush stroke techniques, see if a combo of colors look good together, etc.


I still have questions about art supplies! I’d be happy to help! You can contact me here!