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Hello, my name is Tracie! I am the creator and artist of “Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan” a DIY painting tutorial website I started in 2017! 

I live in Arizona, I’m a mom of three boys and four fur babies. I am a former Elementary Art Teacher. I have a background in teaching art to all ages and skill levels! I love sharing my love for art, designing paintings and empowering people to find their inner artist! 

I’ve been creating and painting all my life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw and paint and create things using whatever materials I had on hand. I taught myself how to paint as I was growing up!

Even though I’ve tried almost all mediums, acrylic paints have a special place in my heart. I love the versatility, the fact that you don’t have to be perfect. If you mess up yo can just paint over it!

I created this website in 2017 as an outlet to share my painting lessons. I had this vision that I could teach from home through a free website. The unique idea behind “Step By Step Painting” was to share picture steps and written instruction instead of video. Then, eventually, I started creating videos too! Many people tell me how much they love having the picture steps and instructions as a supplement to the videos! It helps you learn at your own pace!

I LOVE designing paintings! Seriously, I get just as excited each week to see what I come up with! My process involves brainstorming, sketching, doing a rough draft on “procreate” on my tablet and then painting and recording the tutorial! And I love teaching you how to do all of my paintings. I would say the most rewarding thing is to see pictures of all of your paintings and hear stories about how that painting made you feel!

When I’m not creating all this awesome online artsy content, I enjoy listening to music, playing piano, being out in nature, gardening, hiking, camping and spending time with family, friends and my four doggies!

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My Goal With This Painting Website

My hope is that I can inspire YOU to find time for art and creativity in YOUR life too!

I want to show you how to paint because painting is a wonderful, stress relieving medium and I believe that anyone can learn how to paint. I want to make painting accessible to anyone that wants to learn. 

I understand how intimidating a blank canvas can be. Trust me, I still get freaked out when a blank canvas in front of me! It’s my goal to provide you with guidance and steps for rendering a painting you will be proud of. 

So many of my fans are beginner artists, moms looking for stress relief, parents teaching their children how to paint, art teachers, those that are home bound, those that want to host girls nights and date nights, etc. 

I also believe in the therapeutic benefits of art!

Throughout my life, I, myself, have found healing relief from painful times through the process of painting. So many people all around the world have written me messages of hope and relief they’ve found from painting one of my paintings. That, to me, is the most rewarding feeling I can have in my own artistic journey! It’s why I keep doing what I do!

Welcome Aboard Your Artistic Journey And Happy Painting!

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