About The Artist

Hello, my name is Tracie Kiernan!  I am the creator and artist of “Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan”. I was born in Pasadena, California and I grew up/ reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a mom blessed with three boys (all five and under whew!) and I am happily married to my husband whom we’ve known since high school.  

I have a profound passion for the arts and art education. I’ve been creating and painting all my life! Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw and paint and create. I grew up in a very artistic & musical family. My sisters are musicians, one is now a Music Teacher, the other Photographer. We used to spend our days playing music, drawing, painting, singing and dancing! I guess you can say I am a self taught painter because I learned how to paint as I was growing up. 

I was very fortunate to be able to attend college. I majored in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance – Visual Arts at Arizona State University and then went on to Grad school to obtain a teaching certificate in Elementary Art Education. I had some really great professors in college that encourage me to pursue art as a career and inspired me to want to be a teacher! 

I taught Elementary Art for K-8th graders for seven years. Being an art teacher was amazing. I learned that every child has an artist in them. I believe that even as adults, even if we’ve never received any training, can learn how to paint and create beautiful art!   

How Did This Website/ Blog Start

Step By Step Painting was founded in August 2017. I came up with this “seemingly crazy” idea to teach acrylic canvas paintings in the form of a “mom blog”. I was a stay at home mom after my second son was born and I missed teaching.  

I had this vision that I can teach acrylic painting by providing the steps in the form of pictures and text (I liked that format because I get impatient with videos). That eventually evolved into creating videos too as a complimentary component to the tutorial.   

My Goal With This Painting Blog

My hope is that I can inspire YOU to find time for art and creativity in YOUR life too!

I want to show you how to paint because painting is a wonderful, stress relieving medium and I believe that anyone can learn how to paint.

I understand how intimidating a blank canvas can be and my goal is to provide you with guidance and steps for rendering a painting you will be proud of. 

I also understand that so many of you cannot afford painting lessons outside of the home and/or just need an artistic escape without having to think about the daunting steps in designing a painting. I will continue to keep these tutorials free and they are paid for in part by the ads on this website. 

Whether you’re a beginner artist, a mom looking for stress relief, a parent wanting to teach your child how to paint, an art teacher wanting to do a paint lesson with your students, someone that cannot afford to go to a painting class, someone who is home bound and needing an artistic escape, etc. my hope is to be a great resource for you. 

Thank you for reading about me and welcome aboard this artistic journey with me!