Easy Tree Painting Aspen Sunset (Very Beginner Friendly!)

If you are dreaming of fall, or a very basic beginner level painting, or both, you will enjoy this easy aspen tree painting with a sunset background. This tutorial only utilizes ONE paint brush and only five basic acrylic paint colors. It is a great first time painting if you’ve …

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Cupcake Painting Easy

Learn to paint an easy cupcake painting on an 12″ x 12″ or any size square canvas! This is a very easy painting and a great one you can do with kids or as a birthday party! The colors of this painting can easily be customized. Change the background color, …

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Learn To Paint A Sloth

Learn how to paint a sloth with acrylics step by step! This is a free beginner acrylic painting tutorial for all ages! The tutorial also includes a free traceable of the sloth that you can print out and trace onto your canvas.