DIY Paint Party Supplies

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Paint Party Supplies 

The trend of painting and sipping your favorite bubbly is still on the rise and I’m loving every bit of it! Going to a paint studio is a a lot of fun and I strongly encourage you to go and support your local studio if you’ve never tried this experience before!

The atmosphere is very relaxing, the instructors are fun and gifted at guiding you through the process of painting a beautiful masterpiece. And best of all, anyone who has never picked up a paint brush before can execute something to be proud of!

My husband and I still go at least twice a year to our favorite studio. I love to paint and be guided by another instructor because it allows my mind to feel free and not think about teaching or planning a painting. 

On the contrast, we also host paint parties at our home at least twice a year. We love to entertain at home and, for some reason, we always get the highest turnouts when we have paint parties. The biggest differences between having one at home versus having one in a studio is that you have more time and flexibility to plan things, have dinner and it may be cheaper than going to a studio. 

I’ve compiled this blog post about how to host your own paint party! There’s a lot of supplies and logistics to figure out for this type of party! 

In this guide I will detail some recommended supplies that are suitable for a paint party. I’ll also provide you with some pointers and tips that I’ve learned and may be helpful for you. 

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First Things First…Supplies!

You’ll need the obvious: paint, brushes, canvases and maybe easels (if you want to make this paint party legit)!



Can I use craft paint?

Craft paint works fine on canvas and it’s easy on the budget! Keep in mind that it will be a bit watery so you may be using twice as much even though it appears cheaper. I love using Apple Barrel paints for paint parties and they are readily available to Walmart! 

If you do want to use higher quality paints, maybe because you’re just painting with a small group, then go for the student grade paints at Michael’s such as Liquitex BASICS, Artist’s Loft or DecoArt Americana.

My Craft Paint Picks:

Apple Barrel 18 Piece 2oz bottles. This is a best seller on Amazon. I love this set and have personally used it for a lot of my tutorials!



DecoArt Americana 18 Piece 2oz bottles. These are a tad more expensive than the Apple Barrel but the quality of this acrylic paint is better. 


Craftsmart Brand From Michael’s. This one is a popular choice because they are so CHEAP and look at all the colors you get!



My Student Grade Paint Picks:

I LOVE DecoArt Americana premium in the tubes! It’s surprisingly very vibrant, flows nicely and fairly inexpensive. You can find these at Michaels and Amazon! At my local Michael’s they are actually in the craft paint aisle. 


Artist Loft Level 1 is a decent student grade acrylic paint but many of their colors are too translucent for my liking (which means you might be applying more than one coat of paint). For a paint party, they should be fine! We actually will pick these up around the holidays when Michael’s has them on sale. 


Liquitex BASICS is my favorite brand of student grade acrylic paint! These can be found at Michaels and Amazon. It’s a little more expensive than the level one Artist Loft but the quality is better. 


How much paint should I get?  

I always use the formula .25 oz per color per painter if we’re doing the painting on a 16 x 20.  If there’s a lot of one color, I just buy an extra bottle or tube of that color. If we’re working on smaller canvases, less paint is needed. 


What Brushes Should I Get?

This always gets kind of tricky because it depends on what painting you’re doing. Be sure to look at the online tutorial and find out what brushes were used. Often times we go for a whole bunch of variety packs but end up with brushes we don’t need because they’re the wrong size. 

Typically the sizes you’ll need are: 

Also look for packages that say “meant for acrylic” or “synthetic” or “soft bristles”.


My Bulk Paint Brush Pack Pick: 

I find that has several bulk paint brush sets. Here is one that has “relatively” the most common size brushes you may need: 

30 Pack of Brushes (5 of each size) This is a great value for this set!!!!

Individual Brush Picks:

You might benefit from buying individual brushes versus a large variety pack that doesn’t include the sizes you’ll need. Here are economical individual brushes I would recommend for a paint party based on the most common types of brushes used: 


What Size Canvases Do I Get?

It’s up to you what size to get! The standard paint night canvas size seems to be 16″ x 20″ . That’s a large canvas and usually it’s about $3-$4 each.

I’ve recently gravitated to a 11″ x 14″ size and think it might be more ideal for a paint party at home because it’s less time consuming and takes up less space. But the choice is up to you!

Tip: If you’re painting with kids, definitely grab smaller canvases.


 My Canvas Picks: 

These bulk packs at Michael’s are the BEST deal on canvases! Look for sales around the holidays. 

Artist’s Loft 5 Piece 16×20
Artist’s Loft 7 Piece 11×14



I also like to get the Art Alternative bulk packs on

5 Pack 16 x 20 From Amazon

7 pack 11 x 14 From Amazon


Should I get easels?

Easels give your painting the best perspective to work with. They also save space! I can easily fit six painters at my small dining room table if they all have easels!

If you’re buying easels online, pay attention to the size in the description. A lot of them look larger in the picture but are only about 12″ high and won’t be able to support a 16 x 20 canvas.


My Table Easel Picks: 

I own these easels from Hobby Lobby! This particular easel is the best deal in terms of quality and price. I own 15 of them and use them for my personal paint parties! 

Hobby Lobby Beechwood Tabletop Easel. Great for 16″ x 20″ canvases!


Loew Cornell Table Easel Also Good For 16 x 20

Artist’s Loft™ Compact Table Top Easel

Other Things You’ll Need…


What should we use for Palettes?

I use paper plate palettes because I don’t like cleaning them afterward.

I also recently discovered that using those little paper medicine cups is a genius idea! You can put your individual paint colors in each of the cups!


If you’re interested in multi packs of palettes, I’ve listed a few below.

Round 10-Well Palettes by Artist’s Loft®
Tosnail White Paint Tray Palettes with Ten-well Thumb Hole – 12 Pack

Should we get aprons? 

Everyone requests these at paint parties! For some reason putting on an artist apron makes the whole night seem that much more authentic!

Not to mention, acrylic paint DOES stain!

You can get relatively inexpensive bulk sets of aprons on Amazon or even some ones with fun slogans and designs on them! I found this adorable “Paint & Sip” apron by MeAnWe Wares! 

Artist’s Paint & Sip


Adult Apron by Imagin8™

Do we need graphite paper? 

Graphite paper is a very small investment, it can but cut to size and reused nearly an unlimited amount of times.

A lot of painting tutorials online include a traceable that you can print and distribute for your paint party. This skips the need to draw free handed on your canvas.

Just place a piece of graphite paper below the print out and it transfers to the canvas.

You can check out my printable library here

My Graphite Paper Picks:

25 Sheets 9″ x 13″ Graphite Transfer Tracing Carbon Paper
Gray Graphite Artists Paper 18″ x 36″




Any Accessories?

Don’t forget things like the plastic wine glasses if you’ll be offering wine!

Decorations and props are fun but don’t overload your table because you’ll need all the room for paint supplies! 

Also, I recommend you get plastic table cloths to protect for all your tables!


My Picks:


Books About Paint Parties:

There’s a lot resources online but there are also some beautiful books on Amazon for how to plan a painting party!



Enjoy your party and have fun! If you’re using one of my designs, share your photos on the Step By Step Painting Facebook Page! I love hearing about your parties.

As a bonus to this post, I have created a FREE paint party planner! Click the image below to download it! 


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23 thoughts on “DIY Paint Party Supplies”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this supply list and info.
    I am about to do a paint party and I have not been sure of what I’m doing.
    This is truly a blessing to me. Thank you again.

      • You have given so much great info in the post. Thank you! am wanting to host a paint party but am not sure what to use as a venue as my home is rather small for the number of people. Any ideas on a good place to use?

        • Lana thank you! I have a small home and I’ve hosted many paint parties. If you use easels, you can fit a lot of people at one table. I put out foldable tables each with 6 easels. One time we used our garage. You can also paint outside if the weather is nice! I’m unsure of venues but you can always look into renting a church hall or community center. Good luck!

  2. You just gave me that much more confidence about this paint & “sip” surprise party I’m hosting for my moms 61st birthday. The estimated measurements for the amount of paint I would need, was especially helpful. Thank you!

  3. Thank You! I just came across your information, I am doing my daughter a “Paint & Play” birthday party I planned everything except I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the pictures on the canvas. (FYI I failed art couldn’t draw stick people) With your very informative guide I think I got this again THANK YOU

  4. I am in a long distance relationship and have been looking for cool virtual date ideas so this seems like a perfect avenue to do so. Do you know of any places that sell whole kits that I could send one to my GF and the same one to me so that we can do it together virtually over the net as a date night? or will I have to get the supplies and separate and send myself?

    • Hi Jason! What a fantastic idea for a virtual date! The one place that comes to mind that sells whole kits is Social Artworking. Look them up, I think they’ll be a great fit for what you’re looking for!

  5. Tracie!
    I just had the most amazing Paint Party. I followed all your steps, and made sure I had all the supplies. The graphite paper was a big hit. We allowed each guest to free style or paint from a traceable…They loved it!

    Yoir tips made this easy for me. I am an anxious hostess but I felt prepared today.

  6. Thank you for sharing this is so helpful! Would the artist leave the group to painting on their own accord or step by step guide ‘ok now everyone paint the trees’? I’d veer more towards the free expression and leave them and being in hand to help?

  7. Thank you for providing so much information on how to host a paint night party! I work in a juvenile institution and I am looking forward to introducing this incentive to them!

  8. Thank you so much for this. Been cracking my head on what to do… ordering all the stuff from Amazon. You are a lifesaver…

  9. hey Tracie, thank you so much for all the helpful instructions. im not a painter at all but the paint parties seem so much fun. my kids are off to college so I was looking for something fun for couples to do and im wanting to do a paint party but im nervous because I don’t paint that well lol. any advice for a non painter?

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