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FAQ About Painting & This Website:

Does acrylic paint stain? 

Yes it does. I recommend working on a protected workspace and wearing clothing you wouldn’t mind getting a little paint on. If you do get paint on your clothes, you can quickly blot it with a cold soft cloth or have a tide stain remover pen handy. Acrylic paint will wash off of your hands and hair. 


How long does it take the painting to dry?

This will depend on your humidity levels of where you are working. Acrylics tend to dry really fast and your finished painting should be dry within an hour. 


How long does it take to do the paintings?

This will vary by painting and by person. Although most of the videos are around 45 minutes long, the actual painting typically takes about 2 hours to finish, sometimes longer. Most people stop and start/ replay the video and use the written instructions to help guide their process.  You can break up your painting into different sessions and you don’t have to get it done in one setting. That is the beauty of being about to do this from home!


Do I need to prep my canvas first?

Likely no! Most canvases are ready to be painted on. They come already gessoed with a white layer and do not need any prep.  


How do I stop my paints from drying too fast?

This will depend on your location. If you live in a dry area (like me, I live in Arizona) you may struggle with keeping your paints moist during the painting session. I find that spraying my palette with a “fine mist” spray bottle helps keep the paint moist. Also, it’s okay to add a bit of water to your brush as you load the color. There are mediums you can try to extend the working time for your paints. I have tried those mediums out and I, personally, just prefer using water to help extend the paints. 


Do I have to add a varnish to my painting?

You don’t have to. I only varnish a few paintings I gift or decide that I want to sell. I like to use Liquitex Varnish and apply it with a flat brush. There are also spray varnishes you can try. ALWAYS test out a small surface first before applying the varnish to your entire painting. Varnish can ruin a painting if not applied properly! 


Can I mix paint brands?

Yes you can! Some people will start out buying a cheap set of craft paints just to get started and then slowly work up a collection of more expensive student grade paints. That is absolutely okay! 


Do I have to paint on canvas?

You can paint on ANY surface! A lot of people like to paint on mixed media paper, rocks, stepping stones, wood, etc. You are not limited to just painting on canvas. 


What brushes should I use?

You can read all about brushes here! My favorite brush pack is this Princeton Velvetouch Pack of brushes!


I’m new to painting, where do I start?

Welcome! My website is designed for beginners to learn on their own time and at their own pace. You can see my recommended supply list here. I also have a beginner resource library here. Most people simply pick a tutorial from my gallery of over 100 free tutorials and just dive right in! Each tutorial has the materials list, almost all have a video and picture/ written steps. 


Do I have to use the paints and brushes you use?

Nope! Use whatever products you have on hand! I provide a color swatch to help you match. Most will look at the color swatch on the tutorial and simply find a color that looks similar to it. As far as brushes go, I let you know what size brush I use but if you don’t have that exact one that is fine! You may achieve the same technique using a similar brush. 


What is an ultimate beginner tutorial I should try if I’ve never painted before?

The three easy painting lessons that I recommend are my: “How To Paint An American Sky”, “Sunset Hot Air Balloons” and “Sunflower”. Those three are my most popular tutorials and also make a great FIRST TIME painting! 


I want to learn about acrylic painting techniques such as brush strokes, blending, what brushes to use, etc. Where should I look for that?

I have a “resource library” where I publish tutorials on acrylic painting techniques. 


Do you take requests?

You can send requests to: Because I get such a large volume of requests, I can’t guarantee if or when a request can be fulfilled. I do not do any commissioned painting tutorials (example: paying me to request a very specific type of painting for a tutorial). 


How often do you create new tutorials?

There are 4 free tutorials released each month and 1 bonus members tutorial released each month. Written tutorials on the website are released on Wednesday night and the YouTube video for that tutorial is released the following weekend. Members get early access to the video tutorial on Wednesdays. If there is a month with 5 Wednesdays, I don’t release a new tutorial on one of the Wednesdays during the month. 


What is the difference between your free and paid tutorials?

I have hundreds of free tutorials on my website! 

As far as the paid ones…I sell PDF downloads in my PDF shop. For $5, you can download the tutorial as a PDF printable and download the video. This allows you to view them offline without ads. I also have a limited selection of exclusive paid tutorials available here!

In the membership, you get access to the full library of PDF downloads and exclusive tutorials. 


What is your membership?

In the membership, you get access to exclusive tutorials, PDF downloads and can view all the videos off of YouTube in an ad-free format. Some of the tutorials include bonus traceables that are not on the free website. Tracie also includes in depth techniques within the membership.  


Can I email you a photo of my painting? 

Of course! I love getting emails like this and seeing your beautiful creations! You can email: If you have FaceBook, I also have an active FREE Facebook group where members can share their paintings. 


Can I purchase a member exclusive painting without joining?

There is a limited selection of exclusive paintings available here. However, most of the bonus exclusives can only be found in the membership. You are welcome to join during a month you wish to learn the bonus tutorial.


I want to join for only a month. How do I cancel after that?

You can go to your account settings here and cancel. You can also reach out to me and I can make sure that you are only in for a month and it will cancel for you at the end of your billing period. 


Are the bonus tutorials only available during the month they are released?

No. As a member, you will be able to access the entire library of exclusive tutorials. Example: you want to do a bonus tutorial from last July but the month is April. You will be able to access any of the past bonus tutorials that are released! There are also a limited collection of past exclusives that can be bought individually.


Can I sell my painting that I did using your tutorial?

Yes, I am okay with this!


Do you have a Patreon?

I do not have a Patreon. However, I do have a membership. You can join or find out more info here about that!


Do you have any drawing or watercolor tutorials? 

At this time I only create acrylic painting tutorials. 


FAQ About Products/ Membership I Purchased:


How do I cancel my membership?

The easiest way to cancel is to do it yourself in your account. For self cancellations, click “Edit” under the billing section, scroll down and click “Cancel Plan”. 

You can also email me directly: and I will respond to your request. Weekend and holiday cancellation requests may not be responded to until the following business day. 


Do you offer refunds?

Because the tutorials are digital downloads, refunds cannot be honored. 


I think I entered my email wrong on sign up!

Let me know right away and I can easily fix this! 


My password does not work:

You can reset your password here.


My username does not work or I forgot my username:

You may have forgotten which email you used when you signed up or it is possible you entered your email address wrong when registering your account. It happens! I can easily fix this! Simply email me and I can look up your account to see what email you are registered under. (


I think I created two different accounts with two different emails. Can I combine them?

Yes you may! Please email me and I can fix this for you. 


I have another billing related question: 

Please email: 


I am having trouble downloading the VIDEO from a product I purchased:

Because of the nature of the video (it being a large file size) sometimes there can be problems with this download. For example, you need to have enough storage on your device for the video to download or you may not have the correct app to open the video. Whichever the case, feel free to email me and I can provide some solutions to you to help you get access to that video! Also, some of the PDF listings only have a link to the video. If you wish to receive a download copy of the video, let me know and I can send it to you! 


What if I want to keep a bonus tutorial after I cancel?

Please let me know which one you would like to keep and I can add it to your account so you can still have it after you cancel. Example: you join for one month to do the “Winter Chickadee Painting” but cancel the next month. You still want to have the “Winter Chickadee Painting” on your account after you cancel. 


FAQ About Using The Tutorials/ Copyright:

Can I have a fundraiser?

Yes I am okay with this! Please cite where you got the tutorial from if you are marketing your event. 


Can I sell my painting? 

Yes absolutely! Your finished painting is your painting! Feel free to sell it, gift it, display it, sign your own name on it, etc.! If you are selling online, you can cite: “Tutorial by Tracie Kiernan” or “Inspired from tutorial on”. However, you don’t have to. Also, if you are selling online please use your own picture of your painting and not mine.


Can I gift my painting?



Can I create a YouTube video of your tutorial?

Please do not create a YouTube video of any of my designs.


Can I have a free Facebook Live paint party?

Ehh this depends if you have a super large audience or not. Generally I am not okay with you using my art to grow your audience on Facebook. If you want to do this, you would need to join my small business membership or pay a one-time use license fee for the painting you are doing. 


Can I have a free DIY in person paint party?

Yes! In fact, I encourage this! You can see my post here about having a DIY paint party! 


Can I have a for-profit in person paint party?

If you are a business that profits from the tutorials, please join my small business membership or purchase a single license for the painting your are profiting from.  Using my tutorial for your paid event without purchasing commercial rights goes against my copyright policy.


Can I have a for-profit online paint party?

You will need to join the small business membership or pay a one-time use license fee for the painting you are doing. 


Can I make a paint kit with your tutorial and sell it?

This is considered commercial use and you must join my commercial use single employee membership. I allow paint kits if you are in the business membership. 


Can I use your free traceables for my business?

No. They are free for personal use. If you are wanting to make money off of my traceables, you must join my commercial single employee use membership or purchase a single use license. 


Can I use your painting image from your website and put it on a t-shirt, puzzle, print, keychain, etc. and sell it?

No. This is considered commercial use and I do not allow this unless you have received explicit permission from me. I typically do not allow my art to be for sale on merchandise online so if you see this, please let me know. 


How can I reach out to you about using your art for my paint party business?

For paint party business inquiries, please use email: You can also go directly to sign up for the monthly subscription through my membership.


I am a non-profit, library, church, volunteer, community worker, school teacher, parent etc. can I use your tutorials for my students and/or fundraiser event?

Many libraries & churches around the world reach out to me about this and I am okay with this! Please give credit to the website when doing so, especially if you are advertising online and on social media (even if it is a free event). You can tag @tracie_kiernan_art on Instagram or @Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan on Facebook. 


I am a public/private/ art school teacher, can I use your tutorials in my class?

Yes! You can use these in your classes! 


I am a senior center community worker, can I use your tutorial for my classes?

Yes! Some like to join the all-access membership to get access to downloads but you do not have to do this. You are welcome to use the tutorials for this purpose. 


I am a blogger and want to link to your tutorial or do a roundup post with some of your artwork?

That is fine, I’m okay with “link backs”! Just make sure you are linking to my website in your post especially if you are using photos taken from my website and embedding them in your post. I reserve the right to request my images be taken down if they are used without permission or do not have a link back. 


Can I post your pictures of your paintings on my business Facebook page?

Only if you are a paying small business member! You can also do this if you obtained a one-time use license. I reserve the right to ask Facebook or Instagram to take down my image if it violates DMCA rights. 


Can I post your pictures of your paintings on my business website?

Only if you are a paying small business member! I reserve the right to ask your website host to take down my image if it violates DMCA rights. 


I have another special circumstance I want to use your tutorial for, how can I ask you?

Please email: with your circumstance.