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You can comment on any of the tutorials with questions and/ insights and I typically respond quickly to those! 



A great way to reach me is on Facebook. Send me a private message and I respond fairly quickly to those (unless I’m busy painting or chasing my toddler around). Just FYI – Sometimes when you comment on the Facebook page, I do not get notifications. However, if you tag me @TracieKiernan or @StepByStepCanvasPainting – I will get a notification that way. 



You can contact me on instagram:



You can email:  



Licensing For Paint Studio/Mobile Paint Party

I do offer licensing of my paintings if you are interested in using them “For Profit” for a paint party style business (whether mobile or studio). You can pay a “one time use fee” or an “on going monthly fee” to be able to use these designs for profit. For more information, you can contact me at: or send me a PM on the Facebook page.