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Hi my name is Tracie Kiernan and I am the artist and creator of this website! You can contact me with questions, comments, etc.

Response times and creation of new tutorials & new videos may be longer than usual because my kids are home full-time with me.


Common Questions:

Can I make an “at home art kit” to sell using your tutorials?

This is a common question given the fact that most paint parties must be done at home digitally now.

While I understand the gesture to want to do something good and make a little money on the side, please also understand the copyright nature of not only the artwork but the amount of time that I put in to creating each of these tutorials, my traceables and my videos. Videos ESPECIALLY take long hours for me to create. 

If you are a non-profit, community center, or someone that does not plan on making money off of these art tutorials, please contact me here for specific permission. 

If you are a paint party business and would like to license the artwork & tutorials fairly to profit from, please use this form and I will get back to you with specific information on how you can go about doing this. 

Thank you!


Can I sell or gift my painting I created using your tutorial?

Yes. You can sell your individual painting in a private sale. If it is an online listing, please list the source of the tutorial (Tutorial by Tracie Kiernan 


Have a quick question or comment about a tutorial?

You can comment on any of the tutorials with questions and/or insights and I typically respond quickly to those!

There is a glitch somewhere on the website or something isn’t working:

You can leave a comment on a tutorial or email me and I will take a look. 


A great way to reach me is on Facebook. Send me a private message on the Step By Step Canvas Painting Facebook Page.



Contact me at 



My instagram is:

You may tag me @tracie_kiernan_art (I’m a little slow when it comes to IG & IG Messages but be patient and I will see it soon!)



My Pinterst is:

Feel free to upload photos of your paintings on any of my Pinterest Pins! By doing so it helps my pins be seen more often and helps spread the word about the work that I do! 


For Licensing In A Paint Party Business: 

I do offer licensing of my paintings if you are interested in using them “For Profit” for a paint party style business (and in these times, if you want to do this digitally). For more information, you can fill out information on this form.


For Brands:

I’ve worked with a few brands including DecoArt, Royal and Langnickel, Art N Glow and I’m an affiliate for Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I’m always open to working with relevant brands. I reach a large audience of users interested in acrylic painting. 

You can reach out to me at my email address: tracieannekiernan (at) gmail (dot) com OR the fastest way to reach me is to send me a PM on my Facebook page!