Support About Digital Product Purchase:

Please reach out to or use the messenger on


Comment on a post:

If you have a quick question about a specific blog post or tutorial, simply leave a comment and I will reply back with an answer.  


Quick FAQ:

Can you host online paint parties for my live event? 

That is not a service I currently offer. You can use my videos and tutorials for a DIY event, however, I am not available to be a live instructor. 


How can I reach out to you about using your art for my paint party business?

Please utilize this contact form to reach out to me about this. 


Do you take requests?

I like to hear your requests! However, because I get such a large volume of requests, I can never guarantee if or when a request can be fulfilled. 


Can I sell my finished painting?

Yes! I am always okay with this. That is your painting and part of the artistic process is what to do with the painting when finished. Some artists want to sell their paintings and that is okay. Keep in mind that the original design, however, is still copyright and if you are using it in a retail paint party business, you will still need to license the painting. 


How do I cite your work?

You can say: “Free tutorial by Tracie Kiernan”. 




You can email me directly at



How To Become A SBSP Licensee: 

Do you have a small business paint party business? I offer licensing of my paintings if you are interested in buying rights to use the artwork for profit in a paint party style of business. I offer this only for small business “mobile” and small business studios. For more information on how you can become a SBSP licensee, you can fill out information on this form


For Brands & Bloggers:

I love working with brands and fellow bloggers! I reach a large audience of creatives who are passionate about painting. My readers are beginner acrylic painters, educators and artists of all walks of life.

Contact me with further details on how you would like to work with me!