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I do love hearing from all of you!

Response times to messages might be delayed due to workload variations and the volume of messages I receive. 🙂 I am a one person show here but I try my best to respond to comments and messages the best I can!


Have a quick question or comment?

You can comment on any of the tutorials with questions and/or insights and I typically respond quickly to those! Please be patient, kind and courteous with your comments. If your comment wasn’t approved, it may have not passed heavy spam filtering. 



A great way to reach me is on Facebook. Send me a private message on the Step By Step Canvas Painting Facebook Page (not my personal page).

Just FYI – Sometimes when you comment on a Facebook post, I do not get notifications. However, if you tag me @StepByStepCanvasPainting – I should get a notification that way.



My instagram is:

You may tag me @tracie_kiernan_art (I’m a little slow when it comes to IG but be patient and I will see it soon!)



My Pinterst is:

Feel free to upload photos of your paintings on any of my Pinterest Pins! By doing so it helps my pins be seen more often and helps spread the word about the work that I do! 

I do not respond to Pinterest Messages on the Pinterest Messenger.

I may not be able to respond to Pinterest comments because I do not get notified when a comment is left on a pin. I try to look at my pins to see all your paintings but I won’t be able to see all of them 🙂 If you really want me to see your painting, please email it or PM it to me. 


Licensing For Paint Studio/Mobile Paint Party:

I do offer licensing of my paintings if you are interested in using them “For Profit” for a paint party style business (whether mobile or studio). You can pay a “one time use fee” or an “on going monthly fee” to be able to use these designs with non-exclusive rights for profit. For more information, you can email me at: tracieannekiernan @ or send me a PM on the Facebook page. 


Sponsored Posts & Guest Posts:

I currently do not accept sponsored or guest posts. Check back here in the future if this changes.