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Comment on a post:

If you have a quick question about a specific blog post or tutorial, simply leave a comment and I will reply back with an answer as soon as I can.  


Quick FAQ:

Can you host online paint parties for my live event? 

That is not a service I currently offer. You can use my videos and tutorials for a DIY event, however, I do not offer live instructor services at this time. 


Can I have a DIY paint party or DIY paint zoom party?

Absolutely! You can host your own DIY paint party using my tutorials. If you are a business that profits from the tutorials, please join my small business membership or purchase a single license for the painting your are profiting from. 


How can I reach out to you about using your art for my paint party business?

For paint party business inquiries, please use email: or fill out application here

I do this in the form of a monthly subscription through my membership OR I also have a commercial single use license you can buy in my downloads shop.


I am a non-profit, volunteer, community worker, school teacher, etc. can I use your tutorials for my students and/or event?

I am okay with you using my tutorials for this purpose. Please give credit to the website when doing so, especially if you are advertising online and on social media. You can tag @tracie_kiernan_art on Instagram or @Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan on Facebook. If you would like access to PDF files and you are a non-profit you can join our “Club Membership” which gives you access to downloadable/ printable tutorials. 


Do you take requests?

I like to hear your requests! However, because I get such a large volume of requests, I can never guarantee if or when a request can be fulfilled.  


Can I sell my finished painting?

Yes! If you are selling online, you can cite: “Tutorial by Tracie Kiernan” or “Inspired from tutorial on”.