Acrylic Painting Supplies – Simplified Guide To What Materials You’ll Need To Get Started!

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You may have seen my longer post that goes into details about acrylic painting supplies. I discuss different brands and options and help you make a decision about what supplies to get.

However, if you just want to know which supplies I use for my tutorials, this is the guide for you! Here is my ultimate SIMPLIFIED GUIDE to what acrylic painting supplies you’ll need to get started!

Yes! These are the supplies I use for my tutorials!

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Acrylic Paint

I use Liquitex BASICS acrylic paint! This is a student grade acrylic paint that is good quality and beginner friendly. I use this 48 piece set for my tutorials (except for some older tutorials where I use craft paints and other brands). I also recommend buying an extra tube of Titanium white because that is the color that is used THE MOST!


I use Princeton Velvetouch brushes. This pack will suffice for almost all of my tutorials (2019 and beyond). Occasionally I’ll use a bright brush, a fan brush or a smaller round. But this is a great set to get you started!


I buy the Artist Loft canvases from Michaels or a pack, like this one, from Amazon. The size I paint on the most is 11 x 14, however, there are a few different canvas sizes thrown in the mix.

Easel or No Easel? Paint Palette? Water Cup?

I don’t use an easel to paint. I like painting with the canvas on the table and I often hold my canvas and different angles or in my lap. That’s just my preference with this type of painting! I use paper plates for palettes and I use a glass mason jar for my water cup. Simple!

Other Random Supplies

  • I use POSCA paint pens for details. You could get the color pack but I use the black paint pen the most.

That’s it! If you want to learn more about other acrylic painting supplies, different brands, etc. you can see my extended post about supplies here!

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