Christmas Paintings

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Gallery Of Christmas Paintings

Looking for Christmas paintings you can do this holiday season? Below Is a gallery full of Christmas canvas tutorials geared towards the absolute beginner. 

All these tutorials are free and include a video, some include traceables and all include detailed step by step photos and directions!

Within the tutorial I will teach you my techniques for rendering a beautiful painting that you can be proud of. 

Christmas Paintings Gallery:


See A Gallery Of All Of Tracie’s Beginner Paintings:


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Paintings”

  1. I am just starting up with a new hobby I luv painting for beginners step by step. Can u either show me were to go or if u can help i need to fix my painting and I’m not sure how or where to go for help? I hope to hear from someone. Never new that i like to paint.
    Thank you


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