Valentines Day Step By Step Painting

Check out this collection of Valentine’s day step by step paintings! Click on the image you want to learn how to paint and you will be directed to the full free tutorial which includes videos, directions, supply recommendations, etc. 

Valentines Day Step By Step Paintings: 


Learn how to paint two silhouette birds on a tree branch. This is a very easy beginner level painting with a stunning pink background! The tutorial comes with a free traceable download, video as well as step by step directions. 


Valentines Day Step By Step Painting “LOVE” Learn how to paint a Robert Indiana inspired LOVE canvas painting using Painters Tape! This tutorial is relaxed and playful. You will get to do some splatter painting, dry brushing and mix-and-match colors to make it your own!




step by step canvas painting instructions

“Three Hearts” Learn how to paint a rustic wood background and  three whimsical hearts on a string! This adorable painting would make and excellent Valentines Day gift and compliment your Valentines Day home decor!




“Bear Silhouettes” This is not your typical pink and red Valentines Day art but the quote “I Love You To The Moon And Back” is written on the moon! Learn how to paint this adorable Bear Silhouette Landscape Painting! Be guided step by step and even print out a traceable of the two bears!



“Heart Dandelions” Learn how to paint a deep red background and heart shaped dandelions! Adorn your painting with your favorite “Love” word, or in this case “Amore”. This cute little painting is very easy and requires only a few steps compared to some of the other tutorials!





“Cats and Moon” Learn how to paint two cats sitting on a branch with their tails resembling a heart shape! This painting has a beautiful turquoise sky with whimsical swirls and a very easy to paint white moon!