How To Paint Birch Trees In Fall

How To Paint Birch Trees In Fall

Create your own birch tree canvas wall art! Use painters tape to block out the trees on the canvas, creating a resist. Then paint over the painters tape and peel it off when finished! Add the black markings with a credit card, paint on branches and dab on some beautiful fall foliage and you have your own original artwork! You will be amazed at how simple this painting really is. Feel free to let your creativity run free and add your own artistic ideas to it. Also don’t forget to share your painting on Pinterest or Facebook! Thanks and enjoy!

Fall Birch Trees


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Directions At A Glance

birch trees in fall

Step By Step Pictures

Apply The Painters Tape

First, turn your blank canvas to a portrait (vertical) position.



Apply painters tape all the way from the top to the bottom. Note that the tape line is slightly slanted, don’t worry about keeping any of the tape lines perfectly vertical.

painters tape
painters tape



Fold the excess painters tape on the sides of the canvas.

painters tape
painters tape



You may overlap some of the painters tape lines if you wish.



To add some dimension and texture, I put on skinnier pieces of painters tape. To do this, I ripped the painters tape all the way down the middle. Don’t worry about it being “rugged” on the ends.

painters tape

painters tape

painters tape


Draw & Paint The Sun

Next, I took a plastic milk cap and placed it somewhere on my canvas. I traced the circle lightly with a pencil.



Then I mixed equal amounts of yellow and white together on my palette. With the 1/2″ flat brush, paint a 1/2″ ring around the circle.

White-Yellow ring around the blank circle.



Clean off your brush and load it with white. Paint the circle solid white. Then add curved lines around the sun.



Paint The Sky

Next mix a large amount of white and a small amount of blue on your palette. Do not mix the color completely. It should look kind of “swirly” on the palette.

Blue-White ring around the Yellow-White Ring



With your 1/2″ flat brush, paint a ring next to the yellow ring. You don’t want to try to blend the yellow and blue colors together because it will turn green.

Keep going!



Keep painting in a circle. You will get variations of blue because your paint on the palette is not completely mixed. If you run out of paint on your palette, mix some again and don’t worry about making it the exact same shade of blue again.


Add Some White In The Sky

Keep  painting in that circle motion until you reach the end of the canvas. See how the shades of blue and white vary? That is because the paint on the palette was kept “swirled”. If you need to add more white on top of the blue, you may choose to do so.



Next, I added some more solid white swirls without mixing in any blue.

 Peel Off The Tape

Next slowly pull off the painters tape. I recommend waiting until the paint is dry to do this! I did not wait and got blue on some of the white areas. If this happens, it’s okay! You can always touch it up later with white.



Scrape The Trees

Then I got an old visa gift card and dipped the side of it into some black paint. I did not water this paint down.

Scrape the paint from left to right. Make sure you stay consistent with each tree and scrape from left to right.

 art birch trees painting



You will get multiple variations of black as you’re scraping and that is okay. Also, make sure you pay attention to the overlapping trees! I made the overlapping trees look like they were going through each other like an optical illusion!

art birch trees painting



Paint The Branches

Next, use a small round brush or an angled brush to paint on branches. The branches are very thin. I used white paint at first and then I went over some with black. art birch trees painting

 art birch trees painting


Paint Leaves

Next, on your palette, mix equal parts of yellow and orange and keep the paint “swirled”. Don’t mix the colors all the way. Take your small round brush and paint dots everywhere. Paint the dots in clusters and close to the branches. If you want, you can also add red dots to the trees too!

Yellow-Orange Paint

 art birch trees painting

art birch trees painting
birch trees in fall



art birch trees painting

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