How To Paint A Cat And Moon

Learn How to Paint a Cat and Moon

cat painting acrylic

cat painting acrylic



This painting originally was intended to be a Fall/ Autumn painting. I’m not surprised, however, that it turned into a year round theme because it’s still in the top for number of views a day!

You may notice a common shape in a lot of my paintings…that circle! I have discovered in my teaching experience that just giving someone something to trace (in this case the circle) sets a tone of confidence. It’s an easy and successful step and you don’t have to worry about getting the proportions perfect.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint an easy composition of a cat, or two cats, sitting on a branch and staring at a moon. Paint some swirls in the sky to add to the whimsical effect and also learn how to splatter paint your stars on the canvas!

The leaves can definitely be customized to the seasons. And those tree branches are just like the branches you seen in a few of my other painting tutorials!

Enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to share your version of the painting on the Pinterest pin or on the Facebook page! Thanks for viewing!

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  • Acrylic Paint (I use the Liquitex Basics brand or Apple Barrel Craft Paint. For this tutorial, I used Apple Barrel craft paint because the set has that turquoise color! If you’re using Liquitex Brand, a similar color is “Bright Aqua Green”)
  • Paint Colors:
    • Red (Flag Red or Cad Red)
    • Orange (Jack O’ Lantern or Cad Orange)
    • Yellow (Cad Yellow)
    • Blue (Bright Blue or a Primary Blue)
    • Turquoise (Bimini Blue or Bright Aqua Green)
    • White (Titanium White)
    • Black (Mars Black)
  • 16″ x 20″ Canvas or 8″ x 10″ canvas or whatever size you want!
  • Various Brush Sizes
  • 9″ Paper plate to trace the moon
  • Water
  • Palette or paper plate for palette
  • Covered work space
  • Table top easel (I recommend using an easel for best perspective!)

Directions At A Glance:

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step



Step By Step Pictures

 1. Trace The Moon

First I started with a blank 16″ x 20″ canvas.


easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepI traced an 9″ paper plate with a pencil. This circle represents the moon. (Can you believe how simple this is so far!?)


2. Paint The Sky

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepI mixed equal parts turquoise and white paint together. Then I painted a turquoise-white ring around the moon. I used a 1″ flat brush to paint this ring. The ring is about 1″ thick (doesn’t have to be exact).

Next I painted a turquoise (not mixed with anything) ring around the first ring. I blended the two colors together using a wet brush. You’ll see in the video exactly how I did this!


Then I painted another ring with primary blue. I also used a wet brush to blend the colors together.


Then I filled the rest of the canvas in (the corners) with primary blue. I kept my strokes going in a circle.


3. Paint Some Moonbeams

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

Then I used a 1/4″ flat brush to paint arc lines around the moon. I did this with white paint. To make the white more translucent, dip it in the water more.


4. Paint The Tree

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I painted the tree with black paint. To do this, I used a 1″ angle brush. I recommend practicing your tree first on a separate paper until you feel comfortable painting it on the canvas.


5. Paint Some Leaves

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I used a small round brush to paint the fall leaves. Use the tip of the brush to dot in red, yellow and orange leaves. You don’t have to clean your brush off between colors.


6. Draw & Paint The Cat (Or Cats)

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I drew the cat with pencil. (Pencil will erase on the canvas.) 


easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

cat painting acrylicPaint the cat in black using a small round brush. 

cat painting acrylicAlternatively you can paint two cats siting on a branch! 


7. Paint Swirls & Stars In The Sky

cat painting acrylicUsing a small round brush and some light turquoise paint color, paint some swirls in the sky. Also, to paint stars, flick your paintbrush with white paint to create a splatter paint effect. 



cat painting acrylic



Sharing Is Caring!

Finished! If you do this painting, please share your painting on Pinterest in the “Tried It” section of my pin or on the Facebook Page!

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