How To Paint A Cat And Moon

Learn How to Paint a Cat and Moon

cat painting acrylic

cat painting easy step by step canvas paintings for beginners cat and moon acrylic painting


In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint an easy composition of a cat, or two cats, sitting on a branch and staring at a moon. Paint some swirls in the sky to add to the whimsical effect and also learn how to splatter paint your stars on the canvas!

The leaves can definitely be customized to the seasons. And those tree branches are just like the branches you seen in a few of my other painting tutorials!

Enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to share your version of the painting on the Pinterest pin or on the Facebook page! Thanks for viewing!

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Level/ Duration: 

Level: Very Easy/ First Painting, Duration 1-2 Hours

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  • Acrylic Paint (I used Apple Barrel Craft Paint but give a suggested color if you’re using other paint)
  • Paint Colors:
    • Flag Red (Cad Red Medium)
    • Jack O Lantern Orange (Cad Orange Hue)
    • Yellow (Cad Yellow Medium)
    • Bright Blue (Primary Blue)
    • Bimini Blue (Bright Aqua Green)
    • White (Titanium White)
    • Black (Mars Black)
  • 16″ x 20″ Canvas or 8″ x 10″ canvas or whatever size you want!
  • Brushes:
    • 1″ Flat Brush
    • 1″ Angle Brush
    • Medium Round Brush (#3 or similar size)
  • 9″ Paper plate to trace the moon
  • Palette or paper plate for palette

Traceable (Optional):


Go to PDF library to download PDF version. With PDF files, you can scale up and down as needed.

If you’re doing the version with the two cats, there is no traceable but they are really very simple to paint! Use chalk to draw the outline of the heads and bodies first and also the tails.

Directions At A Glance:

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step



Step By Step Pictures

 1. Trace The Moon

First I started with a blank 16″ x 20″ canvas.


easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepI traced an 9″ paper plate with a pencil. This circle represents the moon. (Can you believe how simple this is so far!?)


2. Paint The Sky

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepI mixed equal parts “bimini blue” and white paint together. Then I painted the turquoise-white ring around the moon. I used a 1″ flat brush to paint this ring. The ring is about 1″ thick (doesn’t have to be exact).

Next I painted a “bimini blue” (not mixed with anything) ring around the first ring. I blended the two colors together using a wet brush. You’ll see in the video exactly how I did this!


Then I painted another ring with “bright blue”. I also used a wet brush to blend the colors together.


Then I filled the rest of the canvas in (the corners) with bright blue. I kept my strokes going in a circle.


3. Paint Some Moonbeams

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

Then I used a 1/4″ flat brush to paint arc lines around the moon. I did this with white paint. To make the white more translucent, dip it in the water more.


4. Paint The Tree

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I painted the tree with black paint. To do this, I used a 1″ angle brush. I recommend practicing your tree first on a separate paper until you feel comfortable painting it on the canvas.


5. Paint Some Leaves

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I used a small round brush to paint the fall leaves. Use the tip of the brush to dot in red, yellow and orange leaves. You don’t have to clean your brush off between colors.


6. Draw & Paint The Cat (Or Cats)

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by stepThen I drew the cat with pencil. (Pencil will erase on the canvas.)


easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

cat painting acrylicPaint the cat in black using a small round brush.

cat painting acrylicAlternatively you can paint two cats siting on a branch!


7. Paint Swirls & Stars In The Sky

cat painting acrylicUsing a small round brush and some light bimini blue mixed with white paint color, paint some swirls in the sky. Also, to paint stars, flick your paintbrush with white paint to create a splatter paint effect.



cat painting acrylic



Sharing Is Caring!

Finished! If you do this painting, please share your painting on Pinterest in the “Tried It” section of my pin or on the Facebook Page!

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How to Paint Jack O’ Lanterns At Night

Learn How To Paint Jack O’ Lanterns At Night on Canvas

See instructions for “How To Paint Pumpkins” here. For the face, I drew my design out with chalk first. Then I painted the shapes in yellow and outlined in black. The video can be found in this post below or go to YouTube to view. Happy Painting!

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Video Tutorial

How to Paint A Halloween Cat

How to Paint a Halloween Cat With Crescent Moon Painting

This is an easy acrylic painting that is great for beginners! You will learn how to paint a Halloween cat sitting on a Jack O’ Lantern. There is a crescent moon in the sky,  the stars are twinkling and the wind is swirling. Hang your finished canvas on the wall along with all your Halloween and Fall decor!

This painting tutorial was updated into a Kids painting tutorial. See it here!



Directions At A Glance:Halloween cat with crescent moon painting


how to paint a Halloween catStart with Pure Blue Paint.


Load a large 2″ flat brush (or whatever large brush you have) with water.


Water down that blue on the palette.


Paint the entire canvas with watered down blue. Make your strokes go up and down in a vertical motion.


Fill the entire canvas. I like leaving some of the canvas transparent but if you want solid that is fine too!




Next get your chalk to draw on the canvas. Chalk will erase with a wet paint brush or your fingers. Draw a crescent moon.


Mix white and yellow together on your palette.

Paint in the moon shape.


Lightly paint in some curved lines around the moon.



splatter paint/ flick paint the stars

Dip your medium flat brush in the yellow-white paint. Flick the paint with your finger and allow the paint to “spray” and “splatter” on the canvas. This represents stars! If it’s not splattering, try watering down the paint a little more by dipping your brush in the water.


Next I drew out the composition of the cat. With your chalk, draw a diagonal line. This line will help to draw the cat in at an angle. It will also help keep the drawing symmetrical.


Draw in a “cat eye” shape for the cat’s head. Keep in mind that the chalk is meant to be erased if you need to redo your shape. I re-did my shape five times until I got it right!


 Draw in cat ears.

 Draw in some more lines on the inside of the cat ears.


Draw in the body with a “squiggle line” on both sides. Remember, that line is to help with your symmetry.



Connect the bottom of the cat’s body with a line. Draw in the cat’s tail.


 Draw a curved line for the pumpkin.


Draw a plus on the cat’s head.


This plus will help you draw the eyes. Draw in two “cat eye” shapes.


Finish the cat’s face with a nose and mouth.



Next, paint in the cat’s body with black paint.


Paint in the cat’s head but leave the eyes unpainted.


Mix white and green.


Mix white and green together on your palette. Paint in the eyes with a small round brush.

Add some black in for the cat’s pupils.



Paint in the cat’s ears gray. (If you don’t have gray, mix a little bit of black paint with white). Paint the nose pink. (If you don’t have pink, mix white and red).


With the gray and your small round brush, paint in the mouth and the whiskers.


Paint some “fur” lines on both sides of the head.



Add some more whiskers on the top of the head. Paint small white dots in the pupils of the eyes. Paint white “highlight” lines inside the ears. Paint white “highlight” lines on the green portion of the eyes.

Paint the pumpkin orange.

Paint the pumpkin orange with a medium flat brush. The direction of the stroke should go in the direction of the curved line of the pumpkin you drew with chalk.



 Paint red lines on the pumpkin with the same brush.


Load your brush with yellow paint. Lightly paint over the orange with the yellow. This will blend with the orange causing color variation in the pumpkin. If you need to re-paint the black bottom of the cat again, then do so.


Halloween cat with crescent moon painting

Halloween cat with crescent moon painting

Halloween cat with crescent moon paintingAdd in more stars, in the background by painting small dots and asterisks. Paint in swirls for the wind. I did this with white paint.


Paint in the top portion of the Jack O’ Lantern’s eyes and nose. And you’re finished!Halloween cat with crescent moon painting


Pumpkin Topiary Painting On Canvas

canvas painting for beginners step by step

Pumpkin Topiary Painting On Canvas

pumpkin topiary painting on canvasLearn how to paint this easy Halloween fall canvas painting step by step! You will learn how to paint a pumpkin topiary painting on canvas with acrylic paint. No experience is required, I will take you through the steps with a video and detailed picture instructions! You may leave the faces off for a cute fall painting or add the faces for an adorable painting with personality! When my 2 year old first saw this, he named each of the faces after himself and his two brothers. Wouldn’t it be an adorable idea to put the names of your kids on each of the faces? Any how, there are a lot of creative things you can do with this so have fun!


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Level/ Duration

Level: Easy/ First Painting; Duration: 1-2 Hours

pumpkin topiary painting on canvas
pumpkin topiary painting on canvas





Start with your canvas in “Portrait” position. We are going to paint a frame on the canvas. Wet some black paint so that it is “ink” consistency.


Paint a squiggle line.


The squiggle line should be about two fingers from the edge of the canvas.


The frame will look like this.


 Next mix equal amounts of yellow and green together. Or, if you wish, make the frame your color of choice!


Paint the frame all the way around the canvas.


Next paint some polka dots with purple paint. This is where you can customize and do your own color/pattern. Stripes or checkers would look neat!


After the frame pattern is all painted, you may have to re-paint some of that squiggle line again. I’m not a “paint inside the lines” kind of girl so I definitely had to go back and re-paint.

You can leave the background white or fill it in. The background inside my frame is a mixed color. I mixed a lot of white with a TINY bit of black and some blue. I brushed the color onto the canvas without fully mixing it and it made a blue-gray shade. The background should be a LIGHT color so that the pumpkins will “pop”. I recommend mixing any color with a lot of white.


The following images were adjusted so you can see the chalk drawing.

Now you will sketch out your topiary with chalk. White chalk is great for drawing on acrylic paintings because if you mess up it will erase very easily. Start off by drawing two “C” lines at the top of your canvas. It is about the size of a fist.


Next draw a bump on the bottom and connect the top to make it look kind of like a heart shape. Erase and redo the chalk lines as much as you need to! I had to erase several times to get it right.


Repeat the next pumpkin only with bigger “c” lines.


Add the bump on the bottom. Think “happy face” line.


Draw the largest pumpkin. I made this one look flatter by making the bottom of my “C” line flat.


Add in that bottom bump “happy face” line.


On the top pumpkin, draw in an oval/tear drop looking shape by using that “happy face” bump as the bottom of the oval. In other words, all those “bump” lines are going to be the bottom of an oval.


Draw two more curved lines from the “happy face” line to the top of the middle pumpkin.


Draw in the bottom curved lines.


Next add more “C” lines on your pumpkin. Start at the bottom.


Then add “C” lines to the middle pumpkin.


Then add “C” lines to the top of the pumpkin.


Next you are going to mix ORANGE and RED together on your palette. With a SMALL ROUND brush, paint over all your white chalk lines.


I painted over all my chalk lines.


Now get orange paint and 1/4″ FLAT BRUSH. You are going to paint in thick orange lines making sure your stroke is in a “C” shape that goes in the same direction of all the red lines.


When you paint the oval, your stroke will go in an oval shape.


When you paint your strokes, you will pick up some red from the lines. THAT IS OKAY! It will make your orange have a little variety in color.


Keep painting in the same direction as all your red lines.


Add yellow paint to your brush.

 Next you are going to pick up some yellow paint on your brush. Lightly brush on yellow for some highlights. Go in the same direction as your orange strokes.



With brown paint and your small round brush, paint a little letter V line.


With your chalk, trace out the stem until you are satisfied with how it is going to look.


Paint in the stem solid brown.


Load your brush with yellow. Add some highlight to the stem.


Draw faces with chalk.

Now, with your chalk, draw in the Jack O’ Lantern faces. You can copy my faces, come up with your own or look up some Jack O’ Lantern images online to get ideas.


Make your “ink” consistence black again.


With your small round brush, paint in your face expressions.


Wait for the black to dry completely. Then load your clean round brush with yellow. On the right side of all the lines of your facial expressions, paint in a thin yellow line. This will make the faces look a little 3D.


Here is a closeup. I painted yellow only on the right side of all the shapes and lines. This line of the eye only has yellow on the right and not on the left. Do this for all of your face shapes.


pumpkin topiary painting on canvas
pumpkin topiary painting on canvas

pumpkin topiary painting on canvas

pumpkin topiary painting on canvas

pumpkin topiary painting on canvas
pumpkin topiary painting on canvas

I felt it needed something else so I painted pumpkin vines. To do this, I drew it out with chalk first. Then I painted the vine & leaves with solid green paint and a small round brush. Then I added some highlights with yellow & white paint.

easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step
easy canvas paintings for beginners step by step

See More Fall Canvas Paintings!

Pumpkin Painting On Canvas

Pumpkin Painting On Canvas

Do you love outdoor string lights as much as I do? This painting immediately brings back memories of the local pumpkin patch my family visits every October! The crisp air, the music, the excitement of picking out the perfect pumpkin! And those outdoor string lights – they just set the ambiance! This pumpkin painting on canvas was created for beginners! Follow this easy canvas painting for beginners step by step and you will have yourself a beautiful fall decoration to hang on your wall! When you’re finished, please share yours on Pinterest by clicking on the “I Tried It Pin” on the bottom of this page!

paint night
Pumpkin Painting On Canvas


Pumpkin Painting on Canvas 


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Video (follow instructions and omit the face if you don’t want to paint a jack o lantern)

Directions:paint night

Start with a blank canvas in “landscape” to paint pumpkins on canvas


Next, grab your wide flat brush. Paint the entire canvas blue. Add water to your paint brush and the blue paint to make the paint flow faster and cover easier. I painted in left and right strokes.


Then grab your small round brush. Paint small white dots everywhere on the canvas to represent stars. Paint the dots unevenly for a more realistic effect. Some dots are clustered together like constellations, some are larger, some smaller.     

Next with your same small round brush, paint an arc, or part of a circle in the lower left corner. 

Paint a smaller round shape next to that. These are the outlines of our pumpkins.

Next, with a medium flat brush, paint curved strokes of white. These curves will represent the curves of a pumpkin. Notice the direction of the paint. Your strokes MUST curve in this direction to create the effect.


Then continue to paint in the pumpkin white using curved strokes. Notice the direction of the paint is switched on the left.


The curves will meet in the center to form a “cat eye” shape.  Also, the white is not solid, 100% white. Notice that blue still shows through. That is on purpose! 


In like manner, repeat the technique on the second pumpkin.
Now, clean off your brush completely. Then add orange. In the same manner that the white was painted, paint over the pumpkin with orange.


Continue to paint the pumpkin orange. Make sure your strokes are going in a curved manner in the same direction as the white paint.


Next, repeat the orange on the second pumpkin. Do you see how some of the white and blue still shows through? It’s not solid 100% orange.


Now rinse off your brush completely. With brown paint, add a small curved line in the area shown on the two pumpkins. Those lines are the base of the stem. Notice that the stem base is not right on top of the circle, rather a little bit down. 


Next start to paint the stem. Paint a squiggled line upwards and then complete the shape.


Then repeat with the second pumpkin.


Paint in the stems solid to paint pumpkins on canvas


Then, without rinsing the brush, add white to the tip. Paint a line on the top of the stem.


Add another line on the side to represent light hitting the stem. Repeat with both pumpkins.


Then, with the brown paint and your small round brush, paint this line by the stem as shown.     


Now paint another line on the other side of the stem as shown. 

Next paint a curved line from the stem to the bottom.

Next add another curved line like shown – stem to bottom in one stroke. 


Continue to paint more lines on the right side of the pumpkin. Again, stem to bottom in one stroke. 

Then repeat the same thing on the second pumpkin.

Next, rinse off the brown paint. With black paint, trace over the brown lines. Notice that some of the brown still shows through. 


Then rinse off the black. With white paint add some curved lines to the pumpkins as shown. You are not tracing over the black/brown, you are adding lines very close to (next to) the black/brown. 

Continue to add more curved white lines on both pumpkins. Notice the curve is in the same direction as the black/brown curves.


Next clean off the white from the brush. Add yellow paint. In the same manner, add more curves on your pumpkins between the white lines. 


Now it’s party time. Let’s paint outdoor string lights! With a small round brush, paint a curved line in the sky. 


Then mix white and yellow together on your palette. Paint yellow-white circles that are about two fingers apart and positioned off the line as shown.

With black, paint a trapezoid or rectangle shape light socket that connects the lights to the string.

Then paint another set of outdoor string lights on the left side.paint night


With black, paint a line over the white line but leave some area of white still visible.


Next add some “interest” to the bulbs by painting solid white in the center and adding some white lines on the outside of the bulbs as pictured.


Finally, you are finished! Congratulations! Let your canvas dry. Hang it up with your Fall decor, gift it, showcase it on social media! 

paint night

See how to add facial features on your pumpkins! Click Here.

Video is for the same pumpkin painting but with faces! You can omit the faces if you like the painting with just the pumpkins!