How To Paint A Bear Mountain Painting

Bear Mountain Painting

mountain painting with bear silhouette, i love you to the moon and back


This is a very easy beginner canvas painting for the absolute beginner! I did this on a 16″ x 20″ canvas with economical acrylic paints. You can do it too, no experience required! This also makes an excellent DIY paint night too. 

You will learn how to paint this beautiful landscape with purple mountains, a turquoise sky  and a bright white moon. Then add a bear silhouette to your painting by simply transferring the outline of the bear with white chalk or graphite!

Finish your painting with a gold sharpie and add your favorite bear adventure quote on the moon!

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can mix and match the bear silhouettes or make a family of bears! I am providing you the template for the bears so you can adjust the sizes as needed.

Happy Painting Artists! 

Duration/ Level:

1.5 Hours, Level Very Easy First Painting





Go to the Traceable library to grab the free downloadable PDFs

Print Baby Bear
Print Mommy Bear (Or Daddy)




Directions At A Glance:


Step By Step Pictures

1. Draw The Moon & Mountains With Pencil

Trace a 9″ paper plate on your canvas. If you are using a smaller canvas, just find a smaller circle to trace!
Use a ruler to draw the horizon line 4.5″ from bottom. Draw mountains lightly with a pencil. See composition below.
This is not necessarily to scale. But as you can see, the mountains are a zig-zag line that do not touch the horizon line. The points are different heights as well. Remember to draw lightly with your pencil.

2. Paint The Moon & Sky with 3/4″ flat, titanium white, turquoise and black

Apply titanium white paint to the moon with a 3/4″ flat brush.


Rinse your brush off. Then use your 3/4″ flat brush to paint in full width strokes around the moon. Go to almost the edge of the canvas. Then (without rinsing your brush) add a little bit of mars black to your brush and blend it in the turquoise on the edges. Keep in mind that black is strong so you only need a little! 


Use a clean, dry #4 flat brush to paint some solid white moon rings. Your paint should blend with the turquoise a bit. You also only need a tiny bit of white on this brush so that the strokes look light and “feathery” around the moon. 


Touch up the moon if necessary with titanium white. 


3. Paint The Mountains with violet, white and 3/4″ flat

Use a clean 3/4″ flat brush to paint the mountains violet.

Then, when the violet is still wet, paint the tops white and drag the white into the purple to blend and create “depth”. Basically I painted white from the top of the points and pulled down. Pay attention to the angle of each mountain when you are pulling the paint down. This will help to define the depth of each mountain. I go back in and add more white to the tips in a later step after this purple has dried.


4. Paint the land at bottom of mountain with violet, black and #4 flat

Mix violet with a tiny bit of black. Paint a small lumpy area of land. Do not go below the horizon line. Also, make sure this area is not too dark because the bear silhouettes will have to stand out.


Define the horizon line with a flat brush. It may also help to use a ruler or straight edge at this point. 


4. Paint The Water With 3/4″ flat and turquoise + titanium white

Use a 3/4″ flat brush to paint horizontal strokes of turquoise. Leave the middle blank for now.


Add white to your brush without rinsing off. Paint the middle with the same strokes. It should show up lighter and blend with the turquoise (because the turquoise is still wet) Instant moon reflection!


Paint light strokes of white until you are satisfied with how the water looks.


Rinse brush. Use same brush to lightly add some horizontal strokes of purple to indicate mountain reflection.


Paint the bottom a black lumpy land with mars black and the 3/4″ flat.


5. Paint The “Snow”

Go back and add more white to the mountain tips using a 3/4″ flat brush.


Finished landscape painting!


6. Transfer The Bears

To trace the bear, I rubbed white charcoal on the back of the print out and then traced the front with a pencil. This also works with regular white chalk or white graphite paper! It will be enough to see the bear and paint it in!


Use a #4 round brush to paint inside the lines mars black.


Touch up where necessary.


Repeat tracing with baby bear!


Paint baby bear.


Paint some white highlight lines on edges of bears.


7. Add A Quote With Gold Sharpie

Use a gold sharpie to draw your quote. I also recommend drawing in pencil first if you are not sure how you want your letters to look. If you don’t have a gold sharpie, you can try a permanent marker or paint with a tiny brush!


The gold shows up beautifully in the sky! I drew some tiny stars everywhere too.


8. A Final Touch

mountain painting with bear silhouette, i love you to the moon and back
As a final touch, I actually splatter painted some stars. Do this by flicking some watery white paint with a brush or toothbrush. Just be careful not to get white specs in other places of the painting!




mountain painting with bear silhouette, i love you to the moon and back
Finished! (An alternate quote was done on this moon)



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