Summer Gnome Painting Tutorial

The gnome is back! This time he is chilling on the beach with a beach ball, surfboard and adorable crab! This painting tutorial will demonstrate how to paint a beach scene with gnome. Looking for the gnome series? Check out these tutorials that feature the gnome: Winter Gnome Fall Gnome …

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Mermaid Tail Painting Tutorial

Learn how to create a mermaid tail painting! This acrylic painting tutorial has a pretty palette of cool purples, blues and greens! It is also a perfect painting to compliment the “Under The Sea Painting“! Customize the colors in this painting and add some custom sea creatures! You can do …

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Hammock Palm Tree Painting

Hammock Beach Painting

“Paradise Dreaming” – How To Paint Palm Trees & Hammock I would love to be laying on that hammock right now hearing the soft waves hit the shore and smelling that salty air! Beach theme paintings are my favorite to do (aside from Fall Paintings)! I love the color palette …

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