How To Draw A Toucan

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How To Draw A Toucan

Learn how to draw a toucan step by step with this easy drawing tutorial. 

Toucans are fun tropical birds to draw! Their beak length is almost the exact same length as their body height!

The best part about drawing a toucan is coloring it in because of all the bright fun contrasting colors! Use any medium you like to color your toucan drawing in.

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Step By Step Overview:


Step By Step Directions How To Draw A Toucan:

1. Draw an oval that is slightly slanted.


2. Draw a second oval inside the first. The size is a little more than half the size of the first oval. 


3. Draw two diagonal lines on the inside to represent the start of the beak. Then draw the middle line of the beak. 


4. Draw the rest of his beak making sure the lines meat those diagonal lines you drew on the inside of the ovals. Also note the bottom of the beak is more curvy.


5. Draw the eye. The inside of the eye is colored in solid but leave a little white speck for the highlight inside the eye.


6. Draw diagonal lines inside the beak tip and just under that middle line as shown below. Also draw two diagonal lines for his tail. 



7. Draw a branch that overlaps his tail but doesn’t overlap the oval. 



8. Draw two legs that overlap the branch.


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