How To Draw A Flamingo

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How To Draw A Flamingo

Learn how to draw a flamingo with this easy and simple step by step drawing tutorial.

Use any medium you like to do this drawing. Draw with pencil and then color with color pencil, water colors, etc.

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Step By Step Overview:



How To Draw A Flamingo Instructions:

1. Draw a teardrop shape for the side of the flamingo’s body.

2. Draw a long curvy line for its neck. Then draw a sort of slanted oval for its head. 3. Draw the second line for its neck. Then draw the flamingo’s side wing. 

4. Then draw the beak. The beak starts inwards from its head. Start the base of the beak with a curve. Then draw the rest of its beak so that it slants down and then bends down to a point. 

5. Erase the part of the beak that overlaps the head. Then draw the middle line of the beak but don’t go all the way to the base with this line. Then draw the tip of the beak and fill it in solid. Next draw one tiny circle and fill it in for the eye. 

6. Finally draw the flamingo’s legs. Draw two lumps under the flamingo’s body. Then draw a vertical line going straight down. The other leg of the flamingo is bending behind the vertical leg. Y0u can also draw his tail feathers. 



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