Sunset Train Painting – Bonus Members Exclusive Painting Tutorial

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Learn how to paint this beautiful vibrant sunset over a body of water and silhouettes of cliffs and a train!

You can learn how to create this train painting as a part of the Step By Step Painting Membership! The tutorial comes with PDF printable instructions, traceables for different canvas sizes, video and picture of finished painting.

I demonstrate how to apply the colors on your canvas to create the stunning sunset and how to draw the intricate train silhouette!

This painting should take about 2-3 hours to complete (more if you want to break it down into two sessions) and is at an easy to medium level. There is an option to use the train silhouette traceable or follow along with me to learn how to do the drawing.

See A Preview Video Of This Tutorial!

I’m Interested! How Do I Sign Up?

This train painting is an exclusive painting in the membership. You’re welcome to sign up for this and cancel once you are completed with the paining (or stay signed up each month to receive an exclusive painting tutorial each month!). Membership also gives you access to all of the other bonus tutorials!

I’m A Member, Where Can I Find This?

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