Winnie’s Picks Paint By Number Review – My Custom Dog Portrait Project!

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Custom dog portraits are super popular right now and a common request from so many of my readers. I am going to show you a fun way to do one!

Paint by number fans, this one is for you and you can use my discount code! Scroll down to the bottom to find the code.

I have had the pleasure to work with Winnie’s Picks recently on a paint by number project of a custom dog portrait.

The photo below is of my sister’s two beagle puppies and the one on the right is the finished painting.

This is not a sponsored post but I did receive a free product from Winnie’s Picks! All opinions expressed are my own. Winnie’s is also providing a coupon code. See below!

What is Winnie’s Picks?

This is a paint by number for adults company that allows you to upload a custom photo to their system and they can create a complete paint by number kit with paints, brushes and the pre-printed canvas with numbers!

This kit makes an excellent gift for your friends & family that like arts & crafts. I would love to stretch my final results into a framed canvas!

Winnie’s Picks has a great tutorial for how to stretch and frame your finished canvas painting on a wood frame.

My Overall Experience

This paint by number kit takes a lot of time to finish! It’s not your typical “kiddy” paint by number that you can do in one setting.

I used to do paint by numbers when I was a child and LOVED them. This, however, is a very intricate advanced adult version of Paint By Number.

The one they sent me was the 36 color detailed set. They do have a set that has 24 numbers (so less detailed). I suppose the 24 color count will make the final version less “photo realistic”, less time consuming and more “loose and abstract”.

I started this project back in June of 2020 and finished it at the end of August 2020 (so about two months). I would work on it little by little.

This was my “zen” each evening after putting the kids to bed. Overall, it was such a great stress reliever to sit down and work on this!

For All Levels!

I will also say that, as an artist, paint by numbers are not something I typically do on my free time. However, I was able to go outside the lines a bit, tweak a few colors and still add my own style of brush strokes to it.

I did realize after doing this how beneficial it is for beginners. You cannot mess this up because you simply fill in the shapes with matching colors.

What comes with the kit?

I received a 16 x 20 canvas sheet with the pre-printed dog portrait labeled with numbers, 36 colors, 4 paint brushes, instructions & a color “cheat sheet”.

The Results

Here is a photo the painting about 10 minutes into it:

And here is a photo of the final results!

If you are interested in ordering a kit, it is super simple! Just go to their website and chose either one of their pre-made designs or upload a photo to do a custom portrait.

You Can Use My Coupon Code!

Thanks Winnie’s Picks for setting up a coupon code! If you are interested in ordering a kit, you can enter “STEP10” at checkout!

Thanks Winnie’s Picks for this fun project!

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