How To Paint Flowers – 10 Flower Techniques

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There are many different techniques that you can use to paint flowers with acrylics on canvas!

Painting flowers can be more complex or more simple depending on the type of flower and style you are trying to achieve.

I like to simplify my flowers with basic techniques! This typically involves doing one or two strokes to create the petals and doing a lot of wet-on-wet canvas blending.

The following tutorials will guide you through various flower painting skills that you can utilize in your own paintings!

how to paint flowers 10 beginner  flower painting tutorials

How To Paint Flowers – 10 Beginner Painting Tutorials

1. Easy, Simple Roses

Roses are more of a complex flower to paint. But they don’t have to be if you just want to do something “simple” and “decorative”. This easy and simple rose tutorial shows you a basic technique for painting simple abstract style roses that still look very beautiful and perfect in bouquet paintings! You can then apply the techniques learned in that tutorial to paint this beautiful red rose bouquet in a glass vase.

2. How To Paint Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are gorgeous flowers that consist of large round balls filled with tiny four petal flowers. In this hydrangeas in a glass jar tutorial, I break down the process for painting hydrangeas using a simple technique of painting little petal flowers enclosed in a large circle.

3. How To Paint A Sunflower

Sunflowers are a very popular favorite flower! Who doesn’t love these bright, beautiful cheerful blooms!? In this sunflower painting tutorial, I will demonstrate how to do different blends of yellows and some browns to create a sunflower. You can take this technique and add your own background or style to it!

how to paint a sunflower

4. How To Paint Daisies

how to paint daisies

Daisies are a simple but beautiful flower. This “Daisies in a Mason Jar” tutorial is one of my most popular tutorials for its simplicity. I explain how to paint the simple white petaled flowers and add a little blue in the middle of the petal for shading.

5. How To Paint A Gerbera Daisy

how to paint a blue daisy

Gerbera daisies can be so many different colors! In this blue daisy painting tutorial, I demonstrate how to paint a blue Gerbera daisy that is large and takes up the entire composition of the canvas. You can customize this daisy with any color or even crop the design to do a half painting on your canvas!

6. How To Paint A Tropical Bird Of Paradise

I love tropical flowers for their unique shapes and bright, bold colors! This tropical bird of paradise painting tutorial shows you exactly how to paint this beautiful colorful flower. You will learn how to blend the tropical blues and oranges to render an almost realistic looking flower.

7. How To Paint A Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are on the top of my favorite flowers! I love the variety of colors they can be. This pink hibiscus tutorial shows you how to blend pretty pinks to render an illustrative looking hibiscus. Customize the background in this painting with unique colors or tropical patterns.

8. How To Paint Dandelions

So pretty and so delicate looking! The trick with painting dandelions is to make sure your seeds go inside of a circle shape so that the form is perfectly round! This dandelion painting tutorial demonstrates how to paint an illustrative/ almost realistic looking dandelion!

9. How To Paint Wildflowers

Wildflowers have so many different shapes, sizes and colors! This wildflower landscape tutorial demonstrates different technique for painting a field of wildflowers. The tutorial in part of our bonus tutorial membership. You can learn how to sign up to do this fan favorite “challenge painting” here!

10. How To Paint Tulips

Tulips can be a tricky flower to paint because of the overlapping and shading of the petals. This tulips in rain boots tutorial breaks the process down into simple steps so that you can paint easy, simple and beautiful tulips!

More flower paintings!

Looking for how to paint different flowers? I also have a tutorial for how to paint a poinsettia, a spring bouquet, spring wreath and a floral wreath.

how to paint flowers

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