10 Summer Acrylic Painting Tutorials

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10 Summer Beginners Acrylic Painting Tutorials To Try

Escape to your favorite summer memories with these 10 summer themed paintings!

These are paintings you can learn how to do at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Many of them are easy enough (or can be modified) for the kids to paint with you.

Each tutorial has detailed instructions, a video and a materials list. Some even have a template so you won't have to draw anything.

Anyone can learn how to paint!



How To Paint A Flamingo

If you're a flamingo lover, you'll want to do this easy design! Many beginners have found this painting to be surprisingly easy and you won't need to draw the flamingo because I provide you a template that you can print.

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How To Paint American Flag Sky

This American Flag painting is a fan favorite! You'll be surprised at the simplicity of this design. It's a perfect painting to do if it's you're absolute first time painting.

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How To Paint Flip-Flops On The Shore

"Flip-Flops On The Shore" is a fun painting that you can add your own fun designs too.

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How To Paint A Sea Turtle

Add this Moana style Sea Turtle to the rest of your ocean themed decor around your home. This tutorial also comes with a free template of the turtle.

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How To Paint Lightning Bugs Mason Jar

If lightning bugs bring back wonderful childhood memories, you'll love painting this popular image of the mason jar & lightning bugs. This tutorial comes with a free template of a mason jar!

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How To Paint An Ice Cream Cone

This Ice Cream cone reminds me of Lisa Frank! You'll want to paint this delicious summer treat with the kids. The tutorial comes with a free template of an ice cream cone.

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How To Paint A Beach Van

Paint a groovy pink beach van! This tutorial comes with a template of the van. Then when you're finished with this one, you'll want to paint it's sister painting - the vintage camper!

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How To Paint A Vintage Camper

Let's camp under the stars! This acrylic painting tutorial comes with a template for the camper. Have fun customizing your colors and painting all the adorable camping details!

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How To Paint Tropical Moon Rise With Ship

Pirate ships, palm trees and clear turquoise seas! This super easy painting will have you escaping to the Caribbean.

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How To Paint Tropical Sunset

If summer has you yearning to paint more beaches, sunsets and palm trees, you'll love this tutorial!

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Can’t get enough? Check out my full gallery of acrylic painting tutorials! If you’re an active follower of this blog, expect to see more new fun tutorials in the coming months!

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