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Oceans and beaches are a popular subject matter to paint with acrylics! Lovely blues, turquoises and sand colors compliment each other very well. And subjects such as flamingos and sea animals can add a nice pop of color to an ocean back drop.

Flamingo, beach painting
Flamingo Beach

Painting a beach is fairly simple. I like to do a simple palette of cerulean blue, bright aqua green, white and a sand color such as unbleached titanium. I always use cerulean blue for the sky and add a whole bunch of white to it in order to make the sky look light blue. Then for the ocean, I like to use aqua blue and titanium white. 

Beach Van

Painting a beach sunset is a lot of fun too! You can use a palette of purples and yellows for the sky and then a darker blue for the ocean, such as ultramarine blue. Then for the foreground, add a silhouette of palm trees. 

Sunset Beach

I love painting sea foam coming to the shore like in this Flip Flops on the beach painting!

Flip-Flops On The Beach

There are so many ocean underwater sea creatures you can paint as well! 


If you are looking for beach and ocean style paintings to do, I have a gallery of tutorials that will show you how to do just that!

Below is my gallery of beach & ocean painting lessons. You will be able to see a full tutorial of each design as well as a video and step by step picture directions. 


Ocean & Beach Paintings For the Beginner Acrylic Painter:


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Beach paintings


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