How To Draw A Butterfly

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How To Draw A Butterfly (Easy)


This step by step drawing tutorial will show you how to draw an easy butterfly. 

The type of butterfly this resembles is that of a Monarch Butterfly. It goes along with my step by step Monarch Butterfly Painting Tutorial. 

Drawing butterflies can be kind of tricky because you need to repeat the same exact lines so they are symmetrical (mirror image) on both sides. 

Draw lightly with pencil first on a sheet of drawing paper. You may need to sketch the line a few times before you get the desired one so have a good eraser handy too!

All the detailed lines on the wings look intimidating but if taken one step at a time, it actually isn’t too hard. 

Step By Step Overview


Instructions For How To Draw A Butterfly

1. Fold a paper lightly in half both ways or lightly draw a cross line that divides the middle.



2. Draw the body and head of the butterfly in the center of the vertical line. 



3. Draw two curved lines starting just under the head and going to the upper left and right corners. Then draw an inverted curved line that starts at the bottom of the body. Try your best to make your lines as symmetrical as possible on both sides of the middle line. 


4. Connect the wings by drawing a wavy line that goes diagonally inward. This step may take a few practice sketches with your pencil before you get it right. Remember to also get these lines to be as symmetrical as possible. 



5. Draw a set of antennae on the head. Then draw two symmetrical large loops on the inside of the wing staring at the top.


6. Draw two more loops that are going kind of horizontal in the middle of the wings. Make sure the base of the loops match up with each other. 



7. And then draw loops on the bottom part of the wings. 


8. Then two more loops for a total of 4 symmetrical loops on each side of the wings. 


9. Next draw three diagonal lines that connect the edge of the top loops to the wings. 


10. Continue to draw more diagonal lines from the edge of the loops to the edge of the wings. Do two diagonal lines on each of the loops as pictured below. 


11. Finally draw a border all along the outside edge of the wings. 


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