Sunset Paintings

Sunset paintings

Sunset Paintings 

A sunset is such a popular subject to paint! Shades of reds, yellows, pinks and oranges in the sky make for a spectacular painting that really pops. Anyone would want to capture this sort of beauty on canvas. But how?

I have several sunset paintings on this painting website that guide the beginner through each step. One of my most popular paintings is the Sunset Hot Air Balloon and it is a perfect first painting if you’ve never picked up a brush before!

How To Paint A Tire Swing Sunset
Tire Swing Sunset

Each of these painting lessons show you how to lay out just the right palette of colors on your canvas to render the beautiful dusk sky.

The gallery below includes all my sunset painting designs.

Featured Sunset Painting Tutorial: 

Click the image below in the sunset painting gallery to be guided to the sunset tutorial! 


Sunset Painting Gallery