Galaxy Part Two Planets Tutorial

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Part 2 “How To Paint Planets” 

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Space Galaxy


  • Acrylic paint (these are just the colors I picked for my planets. You can chose you’re own color palette if you’d like!)
    • Titanium White
    • Neutral Gray
    • Naples Yellow
    • Light Green Permanent
    • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Paint Brushes
    • #3 Round Brush
    • 1/4″ Flat Brush
    • 1/8″ Flat Brush
  • Chalk




Step By Step Photos: 

1. Draw out your planets with chalk. 

I drew out a simple composition of planets with chalk. One on the lower left is only half visible so I only drew a half a circle. I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to lay out the planets. I thought about doing the complete solar system in order but went with this setup instead.

2. Paint your planets in! 

Then I simply painted my planets in! If you are using a color that doesn’t show up well against the black (it’s too translucent), just add a bit of white into the color to brighten it. You can also paint all the planets in white first and color over but I didn’t feel like doing that at the time! To get the shadowing on the large green shadow planet, I used white on the far right and black on the left. Blend the black with the green so it looks like it is fading out. The colors I used for the green planet are: light green permanent, titanium white and mars black. I also used a 1/4 inch size flat brush.


3. I painted the upper right planet quinacridone magenta + white!

Again, paint the planet the solid color first. Since quinacridone magenta is translucent, I added to it. Then use black for the shadow on the left and white for the highlight on the right. Blend the black with the rest of the color. If you’re not feeling this highlight and shadow thing, you can leave the planets as is and just add some interesting textures or lines instead!


4. Continue on painting in your planets! 

My gray one got kind of “lumpy” here. Maybe it’s a meteor! Any how, I used “neutral gray” for that gray planet. I also painted the smaller planets in. Use a smaller round brush for the smaller planets. 


5. Painting Saturn

Then I painted Saturn! I started by filing the entire circle in with naples yellow. Then I painted gray stripes over the yellow. After that, I did the black shadow line on the far left. 


6. Saturn’s Rings

For the rings I used a 1/8″ flat brush and titanium white. Part of the ring is thicker on the left and right side. Then the ring gets thinner in the front part that overlaps Saturn. 


To darken the ring, I painted black lines along the ring using a small #1 round brush (any small round brush will do).


That’s it! Think of all the creative possibilities you can do with galaxy painting! 


See how to make this painting glow in the dark!


Share! Let’s see those Galaxy Space paintings!!!


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2 thoughts on “Galaxy Part Two Planets Tutorial”

  1. Thank you for your wonderful tutorial of the galaxy background. I have decided to use it as the background of my own painting. And it is perfect for my project.

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