Nutcracker Exclusive Members Tutorial

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“How To Paint A Nutcracker” is a members exclusive tutorial that was released in December 2021!

In this lesson, you can learn how to paint a colorful nutcracker with vivid green festive bokeh background. If you are wanting to learn this painting, you can still sign up and gain access to this painting!

Preview The Video!

From the decor on the nutcracker’s uniform to the bokeh and hanging snowflakes in the background, this is a very detailed painting! Plan on spending 2+ hours from start to completion.

Members will get access to a full instructional video and can learn at their own pace! This tutorial also includes: traceable templates, PDF printable/view offline instructions & materials list.

Can’t draw? No worries! Traceable Template Included!

This tutorial is demonstrated using a traceable template. Traceable templates can be printed on paper and transferred to canvas.

Traceables are sized for different canvas sizes!

You can also choose to hand draw the nutcracker. There is a brief overview of the drawing process in the instructions along with measurements. However, in the video, Tracie demonstrates using the traceable.

I’m a member! Where can I find this?

You can find the download to this in your “products” tab. You can also view this online now by clicking here!

I’m not a member. How can I get this tutorial?

This tutorial is an exclusive tutorial only found in the SBSP membership! You are welcome to join this month to learn how to do this painting with us! Learn more about membership here!

Some Paintings From Our Artist Members!

Directions At A Glance


I don’t want to stay in a monthly subscription, can I cancel after learning this painting?

Yes you may! You are welcome to join for the month and then cancel when you are done with the painting. To cancel, simply go to your settings or message me.

What materials do I need?

You will need an 11 x 14 canvas (or other size if you prefer), 10 acrylic paint colors (I used Liquitex BASICS but you can use different brands or craft paints), brushes, a printer to print the traceable (unless you are hand drawing this) & graphite paper to transfer your traceable.

What is the difficulty level?

There are a lot of details in this one! I wouldn’t label this as hard but be prepared to spend extra time painting intricate details. I would label this as a medium level.

Can I do this on another size?

Yes! In fact, the traceables that are in this tutorial are resized to work on different canvas sizes.

Curious about all of Tracie’s “bonus tutorials”?

You can see Tracie’s full gallery of bonus tutorials! These are only available through the membership! Members get access to this entire gallery upon signing up! That means you can learn how to paint this nutcracker and more!

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