Halloween Gnomes – Bonus Members Exclusive Tutorial

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“Halloween Gnomes” is a bonus exclusive acrylic painting tutorial released in October 2021! Learn how to paint a cute set of Halloween Theme Gnomes.

A traceable template is provided and is demonstrated in the video and instructions of this tutorial. You also get access to PDF printable instructions & a full video of Tracie teaching the tutorial! You can pause and restart the video as needed.

The lesson also includes basic painting techniques such as blending and round brush techniques.

Traceable Template Included!

Can’t draw? No worries! This tutorial includes a traceable template that you can download, print and transfer to your canvas using graphite or carbon paper.

I’m a member. Where can I find this?

You can view this online or download the tutorial. Visit the members library here to view the tutorial!

Directions at a glance!

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