5 FREE Couples Acrylic Painting Tutorials You Can Do From Home!

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Are you looking for couples painting ideas to do for Valentine’s Day this year?

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I did a collaboration with Sara at Our Kind Of Crazy Blog! This was Step By Step Painting’s top couples painting of 2020!

Head over and read my guest blog post for how to host a stay at home date night.

Having a paint date night at home is such an easy & fun way to spend the night together at home. It is also easy on the budget! You can do this for Valentine’s Day (or any day).

Did you know I have other couples painting designs to choose from? There are a few tutorials on this website with paintings designed to be put together as one whole painting that you and your partner can paint together.

I also have a few designs that were not originally meant to be couples paintings but they happen to be easy designs that you can split in half for you and your significant other.

Listed below are five FREE ONLINE acrylic painting tutorials you and your partner can do. Yes I provide these for free! You can learn by looking at pictures and/or watching the video. I also provide a shopping list of supplies you can get!

5 Free Online Couples Painting Tutorials

1. Couple’s Landscape

This is a very easy design and I even do it with budget friendly craft paints!

Many couples all around the world have done this one and found such success in doing it! The video for this tutorial can also be found on my YouTube Channel.

2. Valentine’s Gnomes

Gnomes are so popular right now! As soon as I finished my Winter Gnome painting, I was getting asked about a Valentine’s Day version and then more versions for each holiday!

I took the Valentine’s Day gnome a step further and made it into a duet painting of a boy and girl gnome you can paint with your significant other. These paintings are always so much fun because you can customize colors, designs and features.

3. Sunset Pier

Sunset Pier (Couples Design Variation)

This is one of my most popular painting tutorials on the entire Step By Step Painting website. Because the design is a symmetrical design with the sun setting right in the middle, it actually makes a great couples painting.

You would do this on two 11 x 14 canvases faced vertically. Then divide the design in half. Your partner would do one side and you would do the other.

4. Sunset For Two

Sunset For Two (Couples Design Variation)

This painting is also like the Sunset Pier in that it has a symmetrical design. You would do this on two 11 x 14 canvases or two 8 x 10 canvases in a vertical format.

5. Couples Tropical Sunset

This painting was designed to be a couples painting. It is a beautiful passion filled tropical sunset with a silhouette of a sailboat. You can also leave the boat silhouette out and have it just be a sunset.

Do this on two vertical 11 x 14 canvases.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day Theme paintings?

Head on over to my Valentine’s Day Gallery for more ideas of what to paint for the love holiday!

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