Cityscape Painting – Fireworks

Cityscape Painting – Fireworks Learn how to paint your own cityscape painting with fireworks next to reflecting water. This cityscape painting makes a both a great Fourth of July Painting and New Years Painting! Customize your city! I did a version with the Space Needle and you can see it …

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How To Paint A Flamingo Sunset

canvas painting for beginners step by step

How To Paint A Flamingo Sunset Learn how to paint a sunset with water, palm trees and flamingo silhouettes. This painting looks like it might be hard for the beginner but it is so easy! It may be classified as a Christmas painting because there are lights and Santa hats but …

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How to Paint a Saguaro Cactus Sunset

How To Paint A Cactus Silhouette Sunset Learn to paint a saguaro silhouette sunset. The painting itself is so simple! You will learn how to paint a cactus silhouette with a beautiful sunset background! A silhouette is an outline of an object that is filled in to create just its …

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