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This Website Is For Personal Non-Commercial Use Only

I designed this website for personal use so the absolute beginner can learn to paint easy acrylic canvas paintings at home. The tutorials and art on this website are free but not royalty free.

Can I have a DIY Family/Friends/Co-Workers Paint Night?

Yes! That is totally fine! Personal paint party use is encouraged!

Teaching in a Profitable Class (Sip & Paints, Paint Studios, Mobile Paint Party, Etc.)

Using these paintings for a profitable paint party business would require a license agreement. At this time I am not creating any new agreements. This may be a formal program in the future but for now the paintings are for personal, non-profit and non-funds generated educational use only. Please respect this policy.

Can I Sell A Finished Painting That I did Using This Site?

Selling a finished product painting is fine! As long as you’re not “mass producing” the painting or putting it on mugs or t-shirts for sale, you are welcome to sell your finished product. If you’re selling on Etsy or any other online marketplace, an attribution is requested.

Can I give the painting as a gift?

Yes of course!

Use For Educational Purposes & Non-Profit

YES! You are welcome to use my tutorials and artwork if you are a non-profit teacher such as K-12 teacher, community, home school, therapy, volunteer, etc. If any funds are generated, they must go back to the non-profit organization at which you are using my tutorial and/or art for.

What about a fundraiser?

Typically I’m okay with this if it’s a non-profit, community, school, church, or anything for a good cause. If you’re still unsure, please contact me. Remember, make your own version of the painting if you’re posting this online!

Can I put your exact photo on my website?

Please DO NOT use my exact photo (as in copying my photo from my website to yours) even for non-profit or educational use. The images on this site are protected by copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Do not alter, crop, add or remove watermark to the images. If an image on my website does not have a signature or watermark, it is still protected by copyright.  If you are going to share my photo on a website or social media platform, a link is required (see below for bloggers). Sharing my exact photo on a commercial/ business website without my prior authorization is strictly prohibited.   

Intellectual Property

In the same way I ask that you respect the use of my intellectual property in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, if you feel that I am using your intellectual property without proper attribution or simply do not want your product and/ or image on this site, please contact me right away for removal of the image and/or links from this site.

I’m a blogger and want to use your image in a round-up post?

If you’re a blogger and want to reference my work in a “round up” post, that is fine, as long as you provide a “link back”. Do not copy and paste my entire post.

Create At Your Own Risk

These tutorials are created for your own personal enjoyment and I assume no liability for anything that may fail or any injury that could possibly happen.  Please exercise common sense when using art materials. Always read the labels of products you purchase and always supervise your children if they are creating art from using this site.

No Spam Policy

The Step By Step Painting website and Step By Step Painting Facebook has a strict policy against spam.  I reserve the right to disable comments, delete comments, block a user, etc. that continually violates this policy. Any comments that are spam will be automatically deleted as per my spam filters.

Positive Community Policy

Step By Step Painting values a positive atmosphere for learning and keeping art fun and enjoyable for all. Negativity, cyber-bullying, trolling, etc. is strictly prohibited. The owner of this website reserves the right to delete or remove such comments on any interface in which Step By Step Painting discussions may be taking place. Comments are monitored very closely on the Step By Step Painting website, YouTube and on Facebook. If you have a concern or need to report something, contact me as soon as possible.

Guest Posts

I currently do not accept guest posts.

Sponsored Posts

I do accept sponsored posts. Contact me here.

Report A Problem

If you notice a broken link, a major typo or something else that stands out like a sore thumb, please let me know! I’m a one person show so I do all my editing. While I try to polish everything that is published, some things fall through the cracks (or can be blamed on “mommy brain”). You can let me know! Contact me here.

See Also Privacy Policy


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