Copyright Information

Chances are, you have nothing to worry about!

I designed this website for personal use so the absolute beginner can learn at home and show off what you painted!  Show it off on social media all you want! Enter it into an art contest! Display it in an art gallery! You can even sell your painting and that would be totally cool too! 😎

I also designed this website with teachers (non profit, public, etc.) in mind because I used to be a public school elementary art teacher and I loved websites like this with directed art projects! You can use these lessons in your classroom and that would be awesome 👏!

But…this is the internet and I must disclose copyright details to protect the integrity of all my hard work! So here is the deal if you are thinking about using this for your business or for profit…

Detailed Copyright Information

All my paintings, photographs and text are my original work and are subject to copyright. The painting you create using my tutorials is your art! You’re free to do whatever you want with it. Sign your name on it and show it off! However, please do not mass produce my work for commercial/business purposes unless you have expressed consent from me!

Republishing Online

I am okay with you referencing my material on your website or blog!  You may also use one or two of my photos as long as you provide a direct link back to its original source (my website). No source = I will report!  Please do not copy and paste my entire post unless you have my permission.

Use For Educational Purposes & Non-Profit

You are welcome to use my tutorials and artwork if you are a teacher such as public classroom, community, home school, therapy, volunteer, etc. I request that you still credit my work with my name and website. See proper attribution notes below. If any funds are generated, they must go back to the non-profit organization at which you are using my tutorial and/or art for.

Use for Fundraisers

Please contact me for permission of use.

Use for Business/ Profitable Purposes

My artwork and my tutorials are not to be used for commercial purposes. No person shall profit from the use of my artwork and/or my tutorials. This includes but is not limited to: a pay per person paint class, paint party instructor, self employed paint party instructor, t-shirt or other retail product, etc.

If you would like to use my art and/or tutorials for your business, please contact me to discuss a license agreement and appropriate fees.

Proper Attribution

If you are crediting my work and in compliance with the above terms, here is the minimum of what needs to be included:

  • Tracie Kiernan
  • “Step By Step Painting”
  • ***

***The website address is important and a MUST!


My direct email address is: You can also contact me on this page.

Updating Of Terms

These terms of use are subject to be updated without notice and were last updated February 22, 2018.