How often do you upload tutorials?

I try to get one new tutorial or one new blog post uploaded every week. I’d love to publish 3+ paintings a week but I simply do not have that much time 😉 I’m a stay at home mom of three little ones so it depends on how much down time I have!

What is the easiest painting on this website?

You can look at the list that I recommend for kids (but they are actually for all ages). Also, these tutorials are easy and could be great “first paintings”: American Flag, Cat and Moon, Owl and Moon, and Bear Silhouette Moon.

How will I know when there’s a new one?

Subscribe to my emailing list! Or check back often 🙂 Also you can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube!

Are you on YouTube?

Yes! However, I don’t really consider myself a “YouTuber” because the videos on the channel don’t really work as stand alone lessons. I highly recommend that you view the step by step pictures AND the video as both compliment each other! You may even notice that some tutorials don’t have a video. That is because they are older before I did videos back in early 2017. Now I make sure I create a video with every lesson because I understand the importance of “seeing it in action!”.

Do you take requests?

Yes! It may take awhile to see your request based on my current workload, but I really do try to honor requests as they come along.

How long will the paintings take me to do?

Depending on the complexity, the paintings should take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete.

How do I show you my painting?

You can go to the SBSP Facebook Page, Upload a “tried it” on Pinterest (on the bottom of pins, there should be a button for “upload”), Message Me Directly on Facebook or Email Me.

I uploaded my “tried it” on Pinterest but you haven’t seen it yet.

As of now I don’t have the means to check all my pins anymore 🙁 Occasionally I’ll click around and look at the art and try to comment but there’s just so many! If you really want me to see it, please upload on our Facebook Page instead!

Is this really all free?

Yup! This website is like a virtual paint studio where you can learn at home (for free). All my tutorials (except a few that I have in my downloadable E-book Etsy Shop) are free. I do generate commission from supplies ordered from “affiliate links” on this website and I use a third party advertising management network to run ads on this site. Those two sources keep these painting lessons free and cover the costs, time and effort it takes to do all this!  🙂

What paint do you use? 

Acrylic paint! I don’t endorse one brand. I use a variety of different brands and sometimes I mix brands. I’m all about being frugal, using what you have on hand and what you can afford. To name a few of the brands that I use: Liquitex Basics, Apple Barrel Craft, Artist’s Loft (Michael’s Brand), The Fine Touch (Hobby Lobby Brand), DecoArt Americana Premium. I always state in the tutorial which paint I use. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and get that paint. Just match the color with whatever paint you have on hand!

Are there color differences among different brands of paints?

I find that most brands market their colors very similar. If anything, there may be a slight difference that won’t affect the outcome of the painting. For example: “Titanium White” is across the board the same white. So if you’re at a craft store and the lesson calls for “Phthalo Blue” and you can only afford the “Artist loft” “Phthalo blue” or “Dark Blue” craft paint, you will be okay!

Where do you buy art supplies?

Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels are my go to places. Amazon is convenient and, for the most part, decent with prices! Hobby Lobby is my FAVORITE arts and crafts store for many reasons including their friendly customer service and they have EVERYTHING! Michaels has stellar sales throughout the year and I like their Artist’s Loft acrylic paint which is like a knock off of Liquitex only cheaper!

Can I use craft paint?

Yes! Craft paint is acrylic paint (unless it says otherwise on the bottle). I like it because it’s watery and dries fast. I think craft paint is friendly for the absolute beginner or families and kids. A lot of us have this kind of paint laying around. There are a few cons of using craft paint (like needing to apply multiple coats because it is thin paint). However, if fun and frugality are all your’e after then craft paint is great! 

What is artist acrylic paint? 

I call it artist acrylic paint. Name brands like Liquitex and Golden are the two common brands. If you are turning this into a more professional hobby or just want to explore how the higher quality paints compare, I encourage you to try artist acrylic paints. You will notice a huge difference with your paintings when you use it! The colors are rich, the texture is buttery soft and it applies so smoothly! It will also dry in a beautiful, deep rich finish. 

Can I use craft and artist acrylic in the same painting?

Yes you can mix multiple brands. I do it all the time especially if I ran out of a certain color. I never have issues!

What brushes do you use?

I seem to gravitate to the Royal & Langnickel brand of brushes, like this set. I also recently discovered this set by Adi’s and also like it for the variety and firm but soft bristles. The brushes that I get are synthetic soft bristled and say they are meant for acrylic.  I think it’s important to find a brush that works for you. In my tutorials, I really try to describe the brushes (like size in inches, shape, etc.) so that you can try to match what brushes you may be using.

What canvases do you use?

I get the bulk pack at Michael’s!  I also get this 11″x14″ bulk pack at Amazon. 

Do I have to prime my canvas?

Most likely the canvas you bought already has “gesso” on it. In fact, if it is a bright white color, it is pre-gessoed! That means the acrylic paint won’t soak into the canvas at all.

What easel do you use? 

Although I’m so used to painting flat because I video myself painting flat, I like to use  these easels from Hobby Lobby. I use them for my private paint parties that I do locally.

How do I clean my brushes?

I use water and a little dish soap. Sometimes if I forget to get all the paint off a brush and it sits overnight, I revive it in dove soap or vinegar for 24 hours and the dried paint comes right off!

How do I store my brushes so they last longer?

Always, always, always store your brushes so the bristles are facing up!! If you store the bristles down, they will become permanently bent and that’s no fun! Make sure you clean them well too.

Can I paint over a painting that I messed up on ?

Yes! I do it all the time. Use white acrylic paint or black paint. You can also use gesso (the preferred way).

Can I finish my paintings with a varnish sealer?

Yes! I usually don’t varnish paintings unless I’m planning on selling something or gifting a painting to someone. I use this brand of acrylic sealer in the satin finish. The semi gloss and satin finish will make colors look more richer and deeper!

Can I “do my own thing” and change the design in the tutorial?

Of course! Creativity is always encouraged! You don’t have to copy everything step by step 😉

Can I use your tutorial in my classroom?

Yes! Just as long as you are not profiting from the use of the tutorial (like if you have a painting class business). If you are a public school art teacher, volunteer, non-profit teacher, etc. then use of these tutorials is okay and encouraged! Please still credit the website whenever and wherever possible.

Can I give my painting as a gift or donation?

Yes! Gifting and donating is perfectly fine.

Can I sell my painting?

Yes! You can sell paintings you’ve created from utilizing this website. I ask that if you are selling, that you provide an attribution on the back of the painting to give credit to this website or myself (Tracie Kiernan). Please do not put my original photo on your business website if you have one.

Can I use your tutorial for my DIY paint night?

Yes! DIY Paint Nights are encouraged 😉 Just as long as this isn’t your profitable business.

Do you license to Paint Party Businesses and Mobile Paint Nights?

At this time, no.

I would like to license an image for a commercial reason? 

Please contact me for inquiries about how you’d like to license an image for a specific commercial reason.

I’m a non-profit, can I use your tutorials for a class?

Yes and no, it depends on how you’re using the tutorial… Non-profit use is typically okay as long as any funds generated go back to the organization. Volunteer community use, public education, etc. is also okay. Please respect the copyright of all the designs on this website and provide credit. Please also do not put my original image (the photograph I took of my painting) on your website to advertise your event. Using my exact image for advertisement purposes is prohibited and you need a “non-exclusive” license to use the image on a business website whether you are non-profit or not. If you’re confused by this, please contact me.

Do you have a policy for bloggers wanting to do a round up post?

Yup! You’re welcome to use my images as long as you provide a link back. Using my images without a link and without expressed permission is strictly prohibited. Please do not copy and paste my entire post without permission.

There’s a glitch or a link is broken!

Please let me know! I’m my own editor. While I try to make everything “polished” I am definitely not perfect and have my fair share of blunders.  Contact me here.

I have something else to ask but it’s not listed here!

Please let me know!  Contact me here.