How often do you upload tutorials?

I try to get at least one new tutorial uploaded every Wednesday.

How will I know when there’s a new one?

Subscribe to my emailing list! Or check back often 🙂 Also you can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube!

Do you take requests?

Yes! It may take awhile to see your request based on my current workload, but I really do try to honor requests as they come along.

How long will the paintings take me to do?

Depending on the complexity, the paintings should take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete.

I uploaded my “tried it” on Pinterest but you haven’t seen it yet.

I don’t get notifications when someone tries one of my pins and uploads a photo. So I have to manually look at the pins and check. I try to comment on all of them but sometimes pins get lost and I can’t track them. If it’s been awhile and you want me to see your painting, let me know and I’ll try to find it! I do, however, always get notified right away when you share your painting on the SBSP Facebook Page!

What paint do you use? 

Acrylic paint! I don’t sponsor one brand. I use a variety of different brands and sometimes I mix brands. To name a few: Liquitex Basics, Apple Barrel Craft, Artist’s Loft, The Fine Touch. I always state in the tutorial which paint I use. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and get that paint. Just match the color with whatever paint you have on hand and everything should work out fine!

Where do you buy art supplies?

Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels are my go to places. Amazon is convenient and, for the most part, decent with prices! Hobby Lobby is my FAVORITE arts and crafts store for many reasons including their friendly customer service and they have EVERYTHING! Michaels has stellar sales throughout the year and I like their Artist’s Loft acrylic paint which is like a knock off of Liquitex only cheaper!

Can I use craft paint?

Yes! Craft paint is acrylic paint (unless it says otherwise on the bottle). I like it because it’s high flow, it dries fast and the large 18 packs like this one have nice pre-mixed colors! I think craft paint is friendly for the absolute beginner or families and kids. A lot of us have this kind of paint laying around. There are a few cons of using craft paint. However, it applies just fine to canvas without flaking or cracking off so you should be good!

What is artist acrylic paint? 

I call it artist acrylic paint. Name brands like Liquitex and Golden are the two common brands. If you are turning this into a hobby, I encourage you to try artist acrylic paints. You will notice a huge difference with your paintings when you use it! The colors are rich, the texture is buttery soft and it applies so smoothly! It will also dry in a beautiful, deep satin finish. 

Can I use craft and artist acrylic in the same painting?

Yes you can mix multiple brands. I do it all the time especially if I ran out of a certain color. I never have issues!

What brushes do you use?

I seem to have luck with the Royal brand of brushes, like this set. However, when I’m shopping for brushes, I usually pick up a variety pack without really paying attention to the brand. As long as the bristles aren’t falling out, I’m good! The brushes that I get are soft bristled and say they are meant for acrylic. Make sure your pack has a variety of different sizes of flats and rounds including an angle and a tiny detailer brush.

What canvases do you use?

No particular brand comes to mind! I usually go for 16″x20″ stretched cotton canvas. Amazon sells them in bulk, like this set. Michaels has great sales on canvases throughout the year in their Artist’s Loft brand. I also use and love  this canvas paper and this canvas paper!

Do you have to prime a canvas?

Nope! Most likely the canvas you bought already has “gesso” on it. In fact, if it is a bright white color, it is pre-gessoed! That means the acrylic paint won’t soak into the canvas at all.

What easel do you use? 

I like tabletop easels when I’m painting and not recording what I’m painting (I paint flat when I’m video recording myself). I use and love these easels from Hobby Lobby. I also use them for my paint parties that I do locally.

How do I clean my brushes?

I use water and a little dish soap. Sometimes if I forget to get all the paint off a brush and it sits overnight, I revive it in dove soap for 24 hours and the dried paint comes right off!

How do I store my brushes so they last longer?

Always, always, always store your brushes so the bristles are facing up!! If you store the bristles down, they will become permanently bent and that’s no fun!

Can I paint over a painting that I messed up on ?

Yes! I do it all the time. Use white acrylic paint or black paint. You can also use gesso (the preferred way).

Can I finish my paintings with a varnish sealer?

Yes! I usually don’t varnish paintings unless I’m planning on selling something or gifting a painting to someone. I use this brand of acrylic sealer in the satin finish. The semi gloss and satin finish will make colors look more richer and deeper!

Can I use your tutorial in my classroom?

Yes! Just as long as you are not profiting from the use of the tutorial (like if you have a painting class business). I talk more in depth about my copyright policy here.

Can I use your tutorial for my paint night?

Just as long as this isn’t your business, then yes! If you want to do this for girl’s night, etc. then that’s totally cool. If you are interested in going into the business of paint parties or already are and you want to use my stuff, please contact me!


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