Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions. To find your question, try doing “control F” on your keyboard. If your question is unanswered here, email me at contact@stepbysteppainting.net and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Common Questions about this Website

I’m brand new! How does all this work?

Welcome! I always say, pick a painting that you like and then go for it! You’ll be surprise at what you can do, especially if you’ve never painted before. If it looks like something that you may need to draw, chances are there will be a “printable” to go with it so you can trace it onto the canvas. In my tutorials, I list materials needed, step by step process pictures with detailed directions and a video. You take as much time as needed to learn how to do the painting!  Then if you fall in love with painting too, you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest or Email to stay up to date with all my blog posts and new tutorials! You can also read up on supplies to start with and basic acrylic painting techniques. 

Do you host paint parties/ can I book a party?

No I do not. I used to host parties as a side gig before starting this blog up but no longer do that. You may utilize this website to have your own personal paint party at home πŸ™‚ If you would like to learn how to DIY a paint party, you can see my post here about that!

Are these for kids?

This website is intended for adults. However, you can most certainly use these tutorials for your kids! Most are easy enough that kids can do with guidance. I do have a few paintings that are especially intended to be kid friendly but with adult guidance. I always recommend 100% that you supervise your child when utilizing this website and when using art materials. 

Can I print your tutorial?

Yes you may. You can print the entire tutorial like you print a recipe or any website. Just right click your mouse and click “print”. If you do decide to print, please only use my tutorial privately and never use them for profit (see copyright questions below). If you are a public school teacher and distributing the tutorial, please make sure to give credit to this website. 

Do you sell DVDs?

No but that is a cool idea! As of now I’m only in an online format.

Am I able to play your videos on the TV so I can watch from there?

Yes, maybe – depending on the technology you have. A lot of people express this interest. I have a video library here on this website where you can utilize those to “cast” onto the TV. If you need immediate assistance with this, message me on the Facebook Page. Basically you need some type of device (like a chrome cast, Wii, Xbox, etc.) that can “cast” what is on your phone, tablet or laptop to the TV. 

How long will the paintings take me to do?

Depending on the complexity, the paintings should take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete. If you’re painting on a smaller 8 x 10 canvas, then I’d say about an hour. Most (and I say most because I’m not always consistent with this) tutorials will state somewhere how long the painting should take you. 

How often do you make new painting tutorials?

One painting per week is always the goal but sometimes it’s every other week depending on life! πŸ™‚ I’m a super busy mama with three very young kids so it’s not always easy to upload a new tutorial each week. 

What is the easiest painting on this website?

You can look at the list that I recommend for kids (but they are actually for all ages). Also, these tutorials are easy and could be great “first paintings”: American Flag, Cat and Moon, Owl and Moon, and Bear Silhouette Moon.

Do you take requests?

You can send me your request and I really do love hearing all your ideas! However, my workload is high, especially around holidays! I will add your ideas to my list and try to honor them as much as possible. 

Questions about Supplies

Do you sell supplies for paint parties?

No I do not. I provide recommendations of where you can get supplies and list all those with links to Amazon, Michael’s and other retailers.

What brushes do you use?

I use Royal & Langnickel Zen Brushes. You can get these at Michael’s, Blick, Amazon and a few other Art Retailers. A good starter set is this one on Amazon. However, if you’re just starting out and want an economical option, you can get any variety pack of brushes! Look for a pack that says synthetic and something that has a variety of flat brushes & round brushes (especially tiny rounds). 

What paint do you use? 

I use Student Grade acrylic paint. If you want a good starter set, I highly recommend this one! It’s the 48 piece Liquitex BASICS set and it includes all the colors you may need (besides maybe a few but you’ll be able to get by). 

There’s a few other brands I use throughout this website and they are also economical student grade paints as well: Decoart Americana Premium, Artist’s Loft.  Some 2017 and early 2018 tutorials were done with Apple Barrel Craft paints. You can use craft paints too, see below about craft paints. 

Can I convert colors across brands?

Yes. I created a page for this here. It’s an evolving list and I’m planning on adding more brands on there. Note that colors won’t convert 100% across brands but you can get a close impression of the color. This may be helpful if you’re doing a DIY party and want to get the Apple Barrel Craft paints.

Can I use craft paint?

Yes. Craft paint is acrylic paint (unless it says otherwise on the bottle). I like it because it flows nicely and dries fast. I think craft paint is friendly for the absolute beginner or families and kids. It does fine as a paint party paint because you can get it at a great price! There are a few cons of using craft paint. You may have to apply multiple coats, it is full of “fillers” and I find it hard to blend together (like if you’re trying to shade something).

What canvases do you use?

I like to get 11″ x 14″ stretched canvases. You may see a few older tutorials done on the 16″ x 20″ or 8″ x 10″ thrown into the mix. I like getting the Artist Loft Bulk Packs at Michaels (BEST deal out there)! I also get this 11″x14″ bulk pack at Amazon when needing to shop on Amazon.com.

Do I have to prime my canvas?

Most likely the canvas you bought already has “gesso” on it. In fact, if it is a bright white color, it is pre-gessoed! That means the acrylic paint won’t soak into the canvas at all and you are good to go. No prep needed, just paint right on the canvas!

Can I paint on a different size canvas or object?

Yes! You can paint on any size, material, object, etc.! You can paint on rocks, walls, wood, paper… If you’re using a traceable, you may need to adjust the scale of the print-out using Adobe PDF print settings. I give instructions for this here. Keep in mind that proportions change when you use a different size canvas. A 16 x 20 and an 8 x 10 is equal proportions. However, 11 x 14 is not equal proportion to 16 x 20. You can still paint on any size you’d like but you may need to stretch the design, shrink the design or fill in some blank areas.

How do I clean my brushes?

Look into getting a good brush cleaner like this one.  Otherwise thoroughly clean your brushes with mild soap and water after each cleaning session. Try not to use hot water because that tends to melt some of the glue that attaches the brush parts (ahem I know this from experience haha). Also make sure your bristles are pointing up when they are being stored.

Can I paint over a painting that I messed up on ?

Yes! I do it a lot. Use white acrylic paint or black paint. You can also use gesso (the preferred way). Or you can use a matte acrylic paint color so the surface won’t be shiny. For black canvas paintings, I actually like painting over with the Apple Barrel because it gives a matte finish. 

What Other Supplies do you use?

I have an Amazon storefront where I list all the supplies that I use and recommend for this type of painting. You can find that here. To name a few other supplies: foam pouncers, medium, paint pens, etc.

Do I have to get the supplies you use?

Nope! While many prefer to get the exact supplies I use as a means to understand the tutorial better, it is certainly not required. You can get your favorite brand of paint and brushes if it’s different from what I use. You can even use different size brushes.

Can I finish my paintings with a varnish sealer?

Yes! I usually don’t varnish paintings unless I’m planning on selling something or gifting a painting to someone. I use this brand of acrylic sealer in the satin finish. The semi gloss and satin finish will make colors look more richer and deeper!

Questions about Social Media

Are you on Instagram?

No but I’m considering getting my Instagram game going because I know so many of you want to tag me! Social media takes up a lot of time for me and I have only chosen Pinterst and Facebook as my two main platforms. This helps me manage my time better so I can keep creating new quality stuff for you while balancing crazy stay at home mom life <–trust me time is very limited!

Are you on YouTube?

Yes but I’m not that active on there so you may not be able to see all my stuff. My channel is here. See above – at this time, I am not dedicating a lot of time to YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms other than Pinterest and Facebook. 

Do you have a Facebook Group?

At this time I only have a Facebook Page. There is an area that you can post a public comment and/or photo. Click on the “community tab” on the Facebook page. A Facebook “Group” is something I may be exploring in the future. 

I uploaded my “tried it” on Pinterest but you haven’t seen it yet.

As of now I don’t have the means to check all my pin “tried it” uploads anymore πŸ™ I don’t get notifications when someone comments or uploads a picture on a Pin. Occasionally I’ll click around and look at the art and try to comment but there’s just so many! If you really want me to see it, please upload on our Facebook Page instead and I will get a notification! 

How do I show you my painting?

You can go to the SBSP Facebook Page, Upload a “tried it” on Pinterest (on the bottom of pins, there should be a button for “upload”), Message Me Directly on Facebook or Email Me.  I’m working on developing ways you can submit photos right onto the website so you may see that option in the future. 

Can I contact you?

YES! Even though it may seem like I’m a super busy person, I do personally respond to emails and private messages! I have a group of users that I’ve gotten to know quite well because we message back and forth. So feel free to contact me on the Facebook Messenger or through Email (I recommend FB Messenger because you’ll get a quicker response).  

How will I know when there’s a new one?

Subscribe to my emailing list! Or check back often πŸ™‚ Also you can follow me on Pinterest and Facebook.


Common Questions Related to Copyright

Can I “do my own thing” and change the design in the tutorial?

Of course! Creativity is always encouraged! You don’t have to copy everything step by step and I LOVE seeing when you add your own thing to your paintings, so you definitely won’t offend me at all! πŸ˜‰

Can I sign my painting?

Yes, I encourage everyone to sign their painting!  

Can I use your tutorial in my school classroom?

Yes! If you are a public school art teacher, volunteer, non-profit teacher, etc. then use of these tutorials is okay and encouraged! Please still credit the website whenever and wherever possible. If you’re an art teacher, share where you got the idea from to your colleges to help spread the word about this website. 

Can I give my painting as a gift or donation?

Yes! Gifting and donating is fine.

Can I sell my painting?

You can “privately” sell individual paintings you’ve created from utilizing this website. I ask that if you are selling, that you provide an attribution on the back of the painting and/or on your online listing to give credit to this website or myself (Inspired from https://stepbysteppainting.net, Original Art by Tracie Kiernan). Please do not use my original photographs of my paintings on your online listing. 

Can I use your tutorial for my DIY paint night?

Yes! DIY Paint Nights are encouraged. However, if you are in the business of doing paint parties, you will need to get a license agreement. See below.

Do you license to Paint Party Businesses and Mobile Paint Nights?

You will need to have a license agreement with me to use my designs for a profitable paint party business. Contact me here about terms and pricing. 

I would like to license an image for a commercial reason? 

Please contact me for inquiries about how you’d like to license an image for a specific commercial reason. Even if you are using my image for a non-profit reason, the fact that you are using my exact image in any format will require prior permission. 

Can I put your design on a mug or t-shirt?

Yes and no. If you did your own painting then I don’t see the problem with you putting it on an object and giving it as a gift or making a “one time private sale”. However, it is against my policy to put my designs on such objects to be used for your profitable business (like Zazzle, Amazon and any other “drop ship” companies). It is especially against policy to put my exact photo of my painting on an object to be sold for profit (or even non-profit) in an online marketplace. You will need to license the image in order to do this.

Can I post your image on social media?

Yes! That is how I have grown my website, with the help of social media! So do post my images. Do post the paintings you’ve done! Do share my tutorials EVERYWHERE! BUT please, please, please provide a link!!!!  It is common courteous to provide a link to the website of the artist of where you found the image. Behind every image you see online (regardless if it is free or not) is a hardworking artist trying to promote their business and brand so keep art alive and give credit to artists!

I’m a non-profit, can I use your tutorials for a class?

Non-profit use is typically okay as long as any funds generated go back to the organization. I understand a lot of events like this may need to cover the costs of the materials so therefore you charge. Please contact me for permission of use if you are planning on publishing my exact images in either online, print or public format. You may need to get a “one time” license agreement for the exact image, depending on the event. 

What about a fundraiser?

I’m typically okay with this if it’s for a church, a school, a fire department, charity, etc. If you are planning on posting my images online or in a public format, please contact me to let me know! I love to hear about how you’re using my art for charity! 

Do you have a policy for bloggers wanting to do a round up post?

You’re welcome to use my images as long as you provide a link back. Using my images without a link is strictly prohibited. Please do not copy and paste my entire post without permission.


Technical Related Questions

There’s a glitch or a link is broken!

Contact me here and if it’s something more urgent (like the site is down), contact me on my Facebook Page for a more immediate response. There was a site wide update done at the end of December 2018 and, while I have done a lot of testing, there may be something off so please let me know. 

I have feedback or something else to ask but it’s not listed here.

Contact me here.