I have a small paint party business! How can I use your tutorials for this???

Find out how you can license the artwork & lesson plans on this website for use in a Paint Party Small Business!

I provide a “membership option” & a “one time use option” for small businesses that teach “for-profit painting lessons” to groups of beginner painters! You will be able to obtain non-exclusive rights to utilize my lesson plans and materials for this purpose.  

This is only available for single employee businesses. The ideal candidate is someone that travels to homes, community centers, works in their home studio (garage, room), etc. and teaches the paintings in person to groups of painters and charges for classes. If you have a studio that employs multiple employees or other business model, please inquire via email: tracieannekiernan@gmail.com.

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I just want to use one design…

If you are only interested in using one design, you can purchase a “per use” commercial license. This lasts for one month per design and you can use that design multiple times during that month. I do not license any of my paintings exclusively or indefinitely. The per-use license also gives you access to the PDF lesson download at no extra charge. Find out more here.