FAQ Copyright Use Policy

Copyright Use Policy FAQ

I commonly get asked what can and cannot be done about using my artwork for your particular purpose. I always appreciate when someone reaches out and asks! I work very hard on my paintings. Even though I offer them for free, they are NOT free for commercial use. Here is are FAQs of my policies. 

Can I use your tutorial for a DIY Paint Party?

Yes! I encourage this! Painting together as a group is a lot of fun! If you are a “for profit” paint party owner, please read the next question.

Can I use your tutorial for my Paint Party Business?

You must license the design in order to do this. Contact me here with more information about how to go about doing this. 

Can I sell a finished painting I did from this website?

Yes! That is fine. That is your painting. I want you to feel proud of it and call it yours! Part of the painting process is what to do with the painting when you are done with it. And some artists simply just want to sell it! If you are selling in an online interface like Etsy, please try to link the source of the tutorial: “Art Tutorial by Tracie Kiernan www.stepbysteppainting.net”. The design cannot be resold.

Can I gift the painting?

Yes! That is absolutely fine! Again, that is your finished painting and you can decide what to do with it. 

I am a non-profit worker, community worker, volunteer, school teacher, etc. I am not in the business of making money off of paint parties but would like to do your tutorial for a class. 

I almost always say yes to this! If you are not out to make a profit off of the work but you are doing this for your classroom, community event, etc. then that would be okay! Please always cite the website. If my images will be on your website, please make sure I am aware of this so they don’t get flagged. Also, I love hearing about your event, so please reach out! If you are an art teacher doing these with your students, that is perfectly fine! If you are printing out a whole bunch of tutorials and sharing with other art teachers, please make sure you are sharing the website. 

How do I cite your work?

You can cite: “Free Painting Tutorial by Tracie Kiernan www.stepbysteppainting.net”

Can I “do my own thing” to the painting?

Sure! I encourage creativity with these tutorials! Yours does not have to look like mine! 

Can I post my finished painting on Instagram, Facebook, etc.?

Absolutely! If you can, link to the source of the tutorial: “Free tutorial by Tracie Kiernan www.stepbysteppainting.net”. You can tag me on instagram here: @tracie_kiernan_art

Can I put your image of your painting on my business website?

This is only allowed if you are a licensee (you set up a license agreement with me) OR you have reached out to me with prior special permission (you are having a fundraiser and you let me know). Using my image on a paint party business website without prior authorization is strictly prohibited. I use reverse scan software and you will get flagged if you have my image on your website or social media business page and you are not one of my licensees. You may be subject to DMCA takedown to your host, your Facebook page or further legal action. 

Can I put your image on my blog?

Yes! I am okay with this as long as any image you use links to its source. Not linking will put you at risk for getting either a personal email from me to take it down or a DMCA takedown to your host without notice. Example: round up posts about painting tutorials. You cannot, however, copy and paste my entire tutorial. 

Can I put your image of your painting on my business website as “inspiration” but not paint that exact one for my event?

So you would like to use my art to draw customers but not actually paint what you are advertising? Sorry, but no, no no! You MUST license the image if you are doing this for your paint party business. 

I found your image on Google or Pinterest, doesn’t that mean it is free use for my business?

Absolutely not! In fact, any image on Pinterest, Google or any social media platform is never free use if it does not belong to you! So if you are taking other artist’s photos you are violating their copyright as well. The best thing to do is license the image, hire an artist or come up with your own design. 

What does it mean to license a painting?

In simple terms you are gaining permission from the artist to use the painting “design” for profitable purposes in your retail setting. If you are a paint party business owner, you either come up with your own art, hire an artist or license the work out. It is a form of buying rights or paying a royalty to the artist! You won’t own the art, it’s almost like you are “renting it”. Licensing is very common in all retail settings! That shirt you bought from Target that has a cute design on it – that design was likely licensed from an Artist! Not licensing the art and simply taking it without permission would be stealing.

Can I do a free Facebook live event of your painting?

This depends! If you are doing this just for fun and community involvement, I say sure! BUT you MUST link to my tutorial if you are doing my tutorial. If you do not cite my tutorial, you can still be at risk for receiving a takedown notice from Facebook even if it is a free event. If this is some kind of marketing thing to gain customers, most likely I will say no unless you receive special permission or are one of my licensees. 

Can I do your tutorial on my YouTube channel?

No unless you receive prior authorization. 

Can I print your tutorial?

Yes that is fine! 

Can I make an art kit with your tutorial and sell it?

You will need to license the painting in order to do this or gain permission if this is non-profit.

Where do you get free reference photos for paintings?

I use websites like pixabay.com, pexels.com and a few others! I don’t use these sources for all my paintings but occasionally there is a great photo on there that is inspiring for a painting! When you use reference photos online, always make sure that the image you find clearly states that it is “free for commercial use”. 

How do you come up with ideas for your paintings?

It is called the artistic process! I do not sit down at a blank canvas and paint the painting for the first time. I sketch in a sketchbook, I create rough drafts (several), I make final copies. I tweak the colors, the composition, utilize the principles of design, etc. until it becomes a full blown painting for a tutorial! It is a long process! Then I film the tutorial and create the steps. I am always thinking about my next painting and find inspiration everywhere!

I still have a special circumstance, how can I reach out to you?

You can email me at: hello@stepbysteppainting.net