Application For Small Business Licensing Membership

Thank you for your interest in licensing artwork by Tracie Kiernan for your small paint & teach for profit business! I do this in the form of a monthly subscription through my SBSP Membership.

Note: I keep this membership limited. At the time of applying, the membership may be closed. If it is, you can still fill out the form below and I will email you back when it is open again!

This membership will give you “non-exclusive commercial rights” to use the designs on for profit, access to a non-watermark image gallery and access to PDF Tutorial Downloads that include the ability to download traceable templates & written/printable instructions. Cost of the membership is $35 a month and this is for a “Small Business” single employee.

Please fill out the form below and I will email you back with instructions for how to join:

If you are a non-profit (home schooling parent, art teacher, community worker, etc.) and you will not be profiting from the tutorials, you are welcome to use them without having to join my commercial licensing membership! Please cite the work (website required) when posting on social media or online.