Holiday Gift Guide For The Beginner Painter

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Here is a list of great Amazon art products that a beginner artist and acrylic canvas painter will sure love! A lot of these items are used throughout this website. Some of these items will help you store all your paints and brushes or even make the artist life a bit easier! And some items are things that I love using even though they are other art mediums! 

–>Scroll down to #10 to see what I’m currently swooning over!

1. Liquitex Acrylic Paint Packs

I like buying acrylic paint packs because they come with multiple colors at a value price. The Liquitex BASICS pack comes with every BASICS color that exists so you know you’ll have every color you might need for a painting. Then when you’re ready to try some heavy body professional paints, Liquitex also sells a pack of their traditional professional paint colors in the heavy body. I’m a fan of Liquitex for the quality and easy price point and both paint sets are great options for the beginner painter!

Liquitex BASICS 48 Piece Acrylic Paint Set 22ml Tubes

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Classic 12 Colors 2oz Tubes

2. The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver

To preserve your brushes and truly clean off all that extra buildup, I recommend this Masters Brush cleaner! This is a popular and highly rated product on Amazon. It cleans off acrylic, oils, water colors and any other mediums you may be using your brushes for. 

The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver

3. Bulk Canvas Packs

Amazon has its fair share of bulk canvas packs and they all come at a great value! I like the 11 x 14 size because it’s compact and the perfect size! This 7 pack of stretched frame canvases by Academy Art Supply is a great value. Canvas Panels tend to be cheaper. You get the same canvas texture but it’s wrapped around a board instead of a wood frame. Get several of these 12 packs and you will be painting masterpieces all year! 

11″ x 14″ 7 pack stretch canvas panels
11″ x 14″ canvas boards 12 pack


4. Canvas Paper

I love this canvas paper pack! Sure it may “curl” a bit but it does provide a similar texture that canvas panels give you. I recommend taping it down with painters tape to the surface you are working on. It’s great for practicing and painting your masterpiece on. It comes with 24 sheets.

Canvas Paper 11″ x 14″ 24 sheets


5. Paint Markers

These Uni Posca markers are hot and trending right now! I you’re a rock painter, you’ve most likely heard of them. But you can also use them on canvas! They are opaque water based markers that come in fine to medium points. You can use them to paint all those detail lines with more control than using a round brush. 

Uni Posca Paint Markers 15 Piece

6. Stay Wet Palette

If you spend more than one session on a painting you may be interested in getting a stay wet palette. This palette will preserve your acrylic paints for days and prevent them from drying out. 


7. Brush Storage

Artists end up with A LOT of brushes. And pens, markers, styluses, sharpies and pretty much all those random mediums made from a stick! You may be looking for a more versatile way to store all of them other than in a typical cup. This brush storage can hold up to 96 brushes!

Brush storage and organization rack


8. Paint Storage

This organizer can hold multiple tubes of paints and keep them all organized, easy to find and readily available while your are painting. You can also store brushes and pens in this holder as well.  

Paint tube storage

9. Tabletop Easel 

If you’re looking for a tabletop easel that will hold up to a 16 x 20 canvas, this particular one will! It also has a storage drawer that can hold supplies. It’s a sturdy wooden design that you can set on a table during your painting sessions and then easily put away and store when you’re finished.

Extra large tabletop easel


10. The Original Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Drawing, Painting & Writing Board with Bamboo Brush & Stand

This is a unique item that I’ve been eyeing on Amazon for awhile now! It’s definitely on my Christmas wish list this year. Basically you paint with water, the stroke shows up on the board and then it slowly fades away. If you’re interested in the “zen art of letting go” that is the whole concept this board is based off of. But I like this board especially because you can practice brush techniques with it! You can use the bamboo brush it comes with but also you can use your other brushes as well. So cool!!!

The Original Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Drawing, Painting & Writing Board with Bamboo Brush & Stand


11. Prismacolor Pencils

I LOVE Prismacolor pencils! They are soft, vibrant and just so much fun to use! They’re great for coloring with but I actually use them to create my sketches and practice blending techniques. I’ve noticed that Prismacolor pencil packs seem to be less expensive on Amazon! 

Prismacolor Pencils Bundle Pack

12. Royal & Langnickel Zen All Media Brushes 

Zen All Media Paint Brush 5 Pack

These are the brushes I use! The Zen All Media brushes are great for acrylic paints. They’re durable synthetic brushes with a great firmness level. All Media means that you can also use them for watercolor, gouache and other paint mediums.

13. Dotting Tools

These are just soooo pretty to look at! They are called dotting tools and they do just that – make dots. You may have a few if you’re a rock or mandala painter. They can be used on canvas too! They make dot designs and stippling techniques much more precisely than a regular round brush can do. 

13. Artist Apron

I love wearing the artist aprons made out of canvas material. I actually use it to dry my brushes in between rinses! There’s also something sort of “magical” about putting the apron on that makes you feel like you can create just about anything. 


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