10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Family Paint Night

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You’ve heard of the “Family Game Night” but have you ever heard of the “Family Paint Night”? The trend of those “Sip and Paint” nights is continuing and so many people are discovering their artistic capabilities at these relaxing, fun events. But what if it became a family event for all contenders?


My husband and I used to enjoy going to paint nights before we had kids. But now we have three kids ages 4 and under and baby sitting arrangements are a challenge! Thus, we started our own family paint night event that we host at home once a month. Friends and family bring their kids over and we all paint together! (Yes the kids and toddlers paint too!) This sparked some close family friends of ours to start the tradition as well and now I hear of quite a few users of this website hosting their own family paint nights! In case you are not convinced yet, here are my 10 reasons you should try having a Family Paint Night! 

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1. You’ll Get Some Good Bonding Time In.

This one is obvious. You will be sitting at a table together for at least an hour (or two or three), doing something fun and enjoyable, participating in the wonderful human experience of creating art. You will laugh, you will get paint on your nose, you’ll engage in goofy conversation!


2. You’ll Enjoy the Novelty.

Maybe you have your typical once a week family ritual where you ride bikes together or watch movies on Netflix. When we break away from routine and experience something new, we feel joy. New things make us feel good and you’ll feel good as a family!



3. You might Discover a hidden talent.

Maybe you didn’t get to experience having art class as much while you were growing up. I know I didn’t have art class until I chose it as an elective in High School! How would you know you’re not good at something if you’ve never tried? Maybe you have kids that take art class in school but they only get maybe 30 minutes of art instruction a week. It could be they are talented but don’t get the opportunity to blossom as artists.


4. You’ll Feel Confident.

I think one of the reasons people shy away from creating art is because of past failures. Imagine getting a piece of IKEA furniture without the instructions and trying to put it together yourself. You don’t know where to start and ultimately it ends in a big frustrating mess! Painting is kind of the same way. With painting tutorials and videos, you are given the road map, shown exactly where to start and you end up with something beautiful. You will all be filled with confidence. Yes, you can create art with the proper instruction!


5. You’ll get therapy. 

No doubt art is therapeutic! One of my favorite Picasso quotes is “Art Washes Away the Soul of Everyday Life”. This is very true. Family life is so busy! School schedules, differing work shifts, sports practice, dance class, appointments…  When you sit down and create art, so much stress is eliminated. You will feel free together and get lost in the act of creating!

“Art washes away the soul of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso


6. You’ll be socializing. 

I never quite understood why, but for some reason when you get a group of humans together to create art, it turns into a very “chatty” event. I used to be an elementary art teacher and I can attest to you how loud it gets in art class. Art is social. When we are happy we talk! This is great news for a family that needs some good “chatty” time in.



7. You might discover a solution to a problem.  

This one might be a bit far fetched but painting is an avenue to problem solving because you’re using a different part of your brain. When you create art, the right side of your brain is lit up and the neurons are going haywire (okay I’m not an expert in neuroscience but something is going on up there).  If you’ve been facing a problem as a family, you might just need a new perspective and that avenue is sitting down and creating together.


8. You’ll get pretty decorations in the end. 

After it’s all said and done, you’ll get to decorate a wall with all your pretty canvas paintings! That is cheaper than art you buy at a gallery or at Target (ahem that’s where I buy my art). Actually what you’re really getting is a priceless memory of your family paint night!


9. It’s not that expensive! 

Amazon is a great place to buy a whole bunch of art materials. But if you’re planning this night on a whim and you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can go to any local craft store and get materials for relatively cheap. Don’t fret over expensive paints (unless you really want to dive deep and make this a hobby). I believe that craft paints like the Apple Barrel and DecoArt brand work just fine on canvas! They are usually like 50 cents to a dollar per color with even greater discounts when bought as a set! Also, you don’t have to buy the large 16″ x 20″ canvases – get smaller ones because they’re cheaper!



10. It’s for all ages!

Just because a painting looks hard, doesn’t mean it has an age restriction on it! I encourage you to try painting with young children. They do very well with step by step instructions! Keep in mind, the younger they are the shorter their attention spans so they won’t spend as much time on details like you. Also, acrylic paint is not washable so keep that in mind!

“Snowman Starry Night” Age 4
“Cherry blossom Tree” Age 7


And those are my 10 reasons why you should host a family paint night! As always, if you have any questions about how to set up such a night, please feel free to contact me on the SBSP Facebook page or here! Thanks and happy painting!


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